10 Healthy Snacks for Truck Drivers

Trucking is a demanding job and it keeps you on the roads for hours. That doesn’t however mean that you give up on having healthy foods for your meals. We share with you 10 healthy snacks for truck drivers. A bottle of soda with some chips could be tempting but it sure takes a toll on your health. Here’s what we’ve picked as healthy snacks for you, foods that keep you energized and fit.

Healthy snacks for truck drivers

  1. Hard Boiled Eggs

This is a wonder snack you can prepare at your home without much hassle at all. It’s also easy for truckers to travel with one. But do make it a point to store them in a cooler while you drive. Eggs are full of protein, amino acids, and lecithin that help build muscles. What’s more, they come with only 70 calories and 5 grams of fat making for a great and healthy snack.

  1. Mixed Nuts

Dry roasted and unsalted nuts have a high-calorie count and fat content. That must’ve alarmed you, isn’t it? Calm down. All of the fat is a healthy fat and to top that they are an excellent source of protein. Mixed nuts contain a healthy combination of minerals that help energize you and also reduce the chances of heart disease. We suggest that you opt for the unsalted ones as that’ll help control your sodium intake. Also, check what are the money-saving tops for truck drivers.

  1. Hummus & Vegetables

Pick some of your favorite vegetables and we suggest carrots, red peppers, and snap peas as they go really well with hummus. Two tablespoons of hummus with the right mix of some vegetables that you like would be only about 100 calories. Coming with loads of iron, Vitamin C, protein, and fiber it’s a really tasty and healthy snack for you. Vegetables and hummus also keep you full for a really long time.

  1. Dried Fruits

Fruits like apricot and plum when dried are a great source of fiber. However, look for only those that are natural and don’t contain a lot of added sugar. Research shows that to keep your blood sugar under check, dried fruits are a perfect remedy. They are just right for those with a sweet tooth and have several benefits (source). Dried fruits are fiber-rich and help control your cholesterol level. They also help you maintain your weight.

  1. Jerky

No, you won’t have to sacrifice your meat intake when you’re on the road. With jerky, you won’t need to do that. But do go for only low-sodium beef or jerky made of turkey from a natural brand. So, do be picky when you choose one as while these are a healthy snack, they can be quite salty. Also, avoid those that are sugar-heavy. With 9 grams of protein in every ounce, jerky is not just delicious but a great source of protein too.  And here is safety driving tips for the truck driver.

  1. Energy Bars

While energy bars make for a nutritious snack do keep in mind that they come with a high level of sugars with not a lot of health benefits. That’s why, you should check out which are the ones with low sugar and pick only the healthy ones. They have a healthy dose of protein and fiber and are just right as a tie-up snack.

  1. Tuna Pouches

Having quite a bit of Omega-3 fatty acids and selenium, Tuna pouches make for a very healthy snack and are good for your eyes and heart. Tuna is loaded with protein and as you won’t need to refrigerate these pouches, they are a convenient protein fix. There are as many as 16 grams of protein in each serving! You can put some of it on a cracker or just have it with a fork.

  1. Pumpkin Seeds

With none of the 5 carbohydrates in pumpkin seeds being sugars, they are healthier than the other sources of protein. They have a healthy 7 grams of whole-food protein per serving. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc that helps boost your testosterone levels.

  1. String Cheese

With minimal carbohydrates, string cheese is a really good source of protein. But opt for only those with reduced fat to contain your calorie intake. With a healthy level of calcium, they are good for your teeth and bones. However, you’ll need a cooler to take them around when you’re on the road.

  1. Celery

Loaded with Vitamin K, this healthy snack is great at boosting the health of your bones. With a water content of 95%, celery has no carbohydrates. While celery by itself is great for a grumbling stomach, adding a dollop of nut butter makes it a healthy dose of protein.


Trucking can force you to have long gaps between meals. Healthy snacking is what keeps you going. It’s important that you carry some healthy foods with you. Our list of 10 healthy snacks for truck drivers, we hope will give you useful tips on which ones to opt for. Do let us know which one you opted for and how much it has helped.

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