List of 10 Most Expensive Semi Truck in 2023

List of 10 Most Expensive Semi-Truck: All across a massive country like the US, hundreds of thousands of trucks ply every day, carrying commodities of every conceivable type. They help to reach raw materials and goods from the ports and markets to the factories, and finished products from the factories to markets, final consumers, and ports (for export). Trucks are the backbone of any growing economy. If the wheels of the trucks stop moving, the wheels of the economy would also cease to function.

What are Semi-trucks?

There is a wide variety of trucks that fly. The type of truck would depend on the commodity being carried, its quantity, the distance to be covered, and much more. One such variety of trucks is a semi-truck.

A semi-truck is a mix of a tractor unit and semi-trailer/s. it is known by many other names like a tractor-trailer, trailer-truck, big rig, etc. – depending on the region where they operate. Different types of trailers might be attached to the semi-trucks unit, like car hauler, dry van, dry bulk, refrigerator, tanker, etc. A Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is needed in the US to drive a semi-truck.

Semi-truck Manufacturers

There are a large number of semi-truck manufacturers spread across the United States. Some of them are MNCs while many others are smaller, regional-level players. The US also has lots of these manufacturers of every hue. Quite a few of these trucks are very expensive, equipped with the most cutting-edge features.

Here is the list of most expensive Semi Truck explained with the help of an infographic:

Most expensive semi truck infographic

Mercedes-Benz Actros

It is almost the last word in luxury, as far as semi-trucks are concerned. In keeping with the Mercedes-Benz legacy, the Actros has super-sleek exterior and interior designs. The Euro VI-compliant engine ensures a fuel economy substantially higher than the other models. The 625 hp engine powers this beauty, with an interior that is as luxurious as comfortable. The Actros has won multiple awards for various aspects, including one for having the best aerodynamic design.

  • Price: almost USD 190,000

Kenworth W900

The Kenworth truck is counted among the 2nd most expensive semi trucks in the World. The design is distinguished by their long-nose design, has always been synonymous with hard work and American design expertise. Perfectly combining traditional style with modern engineering, Kenworth is among the longest-surviving industrial vehicles. The engine is 635 hp – ideal for making those long cross-country trips without hassles. Without compromising on comfort, the interior chamber is equipped with bunk beds, televisions, and refrigerators, among other conveniences. This zero compromise on comfort almost makes it like a service apartment on wheels – and contributes towards making the Kenworth W900 among the most expensive semi-trucks on road.

  • Price: USD 180,000

Volvo FH16

The Volvo FH16 semi-truck comes with an incredibly powerful 750 hp engine. This powerhouse truck can easily tackle any kind of terrain and weather, without causing the slightest discomfort to the people inside. The interiors are spacious and make sure that the drivers are not deprived of relaxation during the long trips. The legendary Volvo technology makes the job of driving these trucks a pleasure.

  • Price: USD 170,000

Mack Titan

Mack Trucks manufactures this vehicle that is highly popular owing to its superior design. It can carry the heaviest of machinery, including large mining equipment. This makes it the chosen vehicle for the mining industry in particular. Available in three engine variants – 515, 565, and 605 hp – the long-chest design is suited to provide aerodynamic power. Fully leathered interiors provide it with a classy look and also make sure that the drivers are not deprived of high levels of comfort while on the move.

  • Price: USD 160,000

Scania R730 V8

Equipped with an 8-cylinder engine that offers 730 hp power, the Swedish origin Scania R730 V8 is another notable name on this list. The sleek designing, supreme level technology, and excellent interior comforts make for an envious combination – and justifies this model’s commanding presence in the US trucking sector. The all-weather and all-terrain truck offers an awesome experience for the drivers – even when they are relaxing inside the cabin and not driving.

  • Price: USD 160,000

International Lonestar

Designed in the US, the International Lonestar is noticeable for its distinctive large grill design – a throwback to the days of the Cadillac trucks. The design is as aerodynamically-advantageous as it is eye-catching. The 600 hp engine offers a smooth driving experience. The interiors are leathered and equipped with superior quality amenities. It’s also highly spacious inside the cabin that allows for a more relaxing experience for the drivers and allows them to have much-needed comfortable breaks while covering those long distances.

  • Price: USD 155,000

Volvo VNL 780

You can spot this beauty quite often on the roads of the North American continent. Coming with 3 engine variants – 600 hp, 500 hp, and 405 hp – this truck ensures a high fuel economy, courtesy of its superior design structure and advanced Volvo technology. And besides its awe-inspiring performance on the road, what makes this model stand out is its interior comfort. You can easily convert the seats into beds. And these seat-cum-beds come with higher storage space. The cabin is a delightful combination of office space, bedroom, and dining room – all designed tastefully while ensuring optimum space utilization. It’s not for nothing that the VNL 780 is called “a home away from home.”

  • Price: USD 150,000

New Freightliner Cascadia

The New Freightliner Cascadia commands a robust presence in the North American trucking industry. The superior engineering in its designing ensure a fuel economy that is several notches higher than the other models in its category. The chest of this truck gives convenient access to the engine by opening up almost vertically. This is one of the most distinguishing features of the Cascadia. The engines are available in several variants, from 305 hp to 600 hp. The low air resistance of this model allow for a lot of power to the vehicle. The aesthetically-designed interiors accommodate for a lot of comfortable amenities that are fitted perfectly into the large cabin space.

  • Price: USD 145,000

Man TGX D38

Combining the much-needed elements of performance and efficiency, the eye-catching Man TGX D38 is a favorite truck among many in the industry, and not without its reasons. The superior designing and the 640 hp engine ensure a seamless driving experience across any and every type of terrain, while combating harsh weather conditions. The interiors are among the largest in its category that provide an unmatched comfort experience for the drivers. This helps them to stay in the required fit and healthy mode and allows them to have a comfortable drive even in hostile topography.

  • Price: USD 100,000

Volvo FH16 Classic

Among the classiest-designed trucks in the Volvo arsenal, the FH16 Classic is truly a lethal combination of “beauty and the beast.” The super-powerful 750 engine allows you to drive across every kind of road with utmost comfort. Equipped to carry loads up to 120 tonnes, the FH16 Classic is preferred by heavy construction equipment and mining machinery manufacturers. Loaded with advanced assistance functions for drivers, the interiors are extensive and supremely comfortable. No matter which terrain you are driving across in what weather conditions – the smile will remain on your face when you are behind the wheels of the Volvo FH16 Classic.

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