15 Helpful Apps for Truckers

Today, in every sphere of our lives, we have mobile apps to assist us. From shops to public transportation, from hotels to hospitals – apps rule the roost today. Apps are a useful medium for getting information and making bookings. They also help us to locate our destinations about which we are not very sure of. And this is the best use that apps can provide to truckers.

Apps for Truckers

Truckers travel the length and breadth of the country and beyond to deliver the cargo. Sometimes the delivery addresses are easy to locate but sometimes they aren’t. Then apps can come to the rescue. Then again, in a huge country like the US, different types of weather conditions prevail at the same time. It’s important for the drivers to stay updated so that they are not caught off-guard. There are a host of other functions that apps perform which come in handy for truckers.

These apps can be easily downloaded from Google Play or the iTunes App Store. They are simple to use and they are highly useful.

Here are the 15 best apps for truckers that can prove very helpful:

Trucker Path

Trucker Path 

This is among the most popular apps among truckers in the US. It is among the most downloaded apps among the truck driver community. Already, more than 6,00,000 truck drivers have downloaded it. The app enjoys an envious rating of 4.8/5. The app provides a range of information including fuel process, parking availability, weigh station statistics, truck stops, truck wash, Walmart truck parking availability, etc.

Website: https://truckerpath.com/



Many trucking companies carry hazardous cargo. There are very strict rules regarding the storage and transportation of such type of cargo, as reiterated by the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). This body has the regulations available online through their online Code of Federal Regulations (oCFR) mobile app. Every regulation governing the carriage of hazardous cargo is available here for making a final check before transportation.

Website: https://www.phmsa.dot.gov/



You might have already guessed the purpose of this app from its name. yes, this one’s among the best to locate the spots for the best gasoline prices. Before making a long trip, the truck driver would surely want to fill up the vehicle with gas. And it’s quite obvious that he/she would want to do it at the best possible price. Gasbuddy would be the go-to option for this. Get to know the cheapest gasoline available for your truck, price fluctuations, trip costs, etc.

Website: http://gasbuddy.com/



This is the most useful app that lets the truckers know about small but significant details about the delivery location. E.g. if there are restroom facilities available for the truck drivers, is overnight parking allowed, time taken for unloading on an average, etc. if a trucker can have this information from before, he/she can make proper plans in advance.

Website: https://dock411.com/



A music app for truckers? “Did I hear that right?” is possibly what you are thinking. But yes, you heard it right.

Truckers drive on for hundreds or thousands of kilometers. They pass through long stretches of desolate roads, without any company. They need support for their minds. And what better than music to do it? The world’s top music streaming platform Spotify has an endless list of songs to keep your mind fresh while you traverse the endless miles. And there are specific “top 100 trucking songs” meant exclusively for truckers on the go.

Website: https://www.spotify.com/

Drive Axle

Drive axle

Quite often, truckers need to complete a documentary formality and that too, instantly. Facilities for photocopying aren’t always available. So, an app that facilitates the entire process of clicking photos of the document, scanning it, and sending it would be helpful. And Drive Axle is that app. It helps truckers to complete the documentation work fast and without errors.

Website: https://driveaxle.com/

Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools 

This is another very useful all-purpose truck driver app. Through this, drivers can make plans about their routes, connect up with other drivers to stay updated about road and local conditions, and also take a look at the various permit requirements across the states and national borders. With more than 1,00,000 downloads, truck drivers rate this app quite high for its usefulness.

Website: https://www.truckertools.com/web/

Weigh My Truck CAT Scale

Weigh My Truck CAT scale

Through this app, truckers can weigh their vehicle. They can also make the necessary payments for the transactions and get the weights displayed on the screens of their smartphones. They can email it to the company straightaway for the records to be updated.

Website: http://weighmytruck.com/

Big Road Trucking Logbook

Big Road Trucking Logbook 

This one’s among the top electronic logbooks for truck drivers and owner-operators. A large number of drivers use it as it records accurately the number of hours that they have put in. It also mentions the driving time that is remaining for the driver. And the logs are all paperless and instant. It is easy to use and also very reliable.

Website: https://www.bigroad.com/

Weather Channel

Weather channel 

Staying updated about the weather is of paramount importance for any and every trucker across the country. The Weather Channel app keeps the truckers fully updated about the weather conditions prevailing along the route that the truck is supposed to take. It allows the required time to the truckers to effect a change of plans should there be excessively adverse weather conditions along the way.

Website: https://weather.com/



This app saves you precious time and money by letting you know to take the routes to bypass more than 700 inspection sites and weigh machines. If your carrier maintains a certain safety score, you can drive past several weighing scales across the US. With this app, you don’t need to fear getting stuck in unnecessary weighbridges.

Website: https://drivewyze.com/

Trucker’s Slide Calculator


The axle of your truck might go over or under the legal limit. This app would let you know if you need to slide axles or to add more weights to it to bring it up to the permissible limit.

Website: https://solutions4semis.com/



Waze is an alternative to the more-used Google Maps. And it is an extremely viable and attractive alternative. It notifies you about the road conditions ahead – including notifications for accidents, obstacles, hazardous conditions, etc. It gives you ample time to re-plan your route, based on the prevailing conditions ahead. You can also get to know about the location for the availability of the cheapest gas ahead for your truck.




Truck drivers don’t really operate in the healthiest of conditions. They are seated for hours on end and get hardly any exercise. Home-cooked food is a luxury most of the time. They have no option but to do with junk food available at the roadside eateries along the interstate highways. All these put their health at risk.

The Fatsecret app calculates the calories and nutritional elements of their meal instantly. It also measures the calories that you have burnt. Based on it, you need to increase your physical activity and control your diet – or take things easy!.

Website: https://www.fatsecret.com/



As a trucker, you are spending long hours on the road. You have listened to a fair amount of songs. But now, your frayed nerves need some other medicines. And an audiobook can be the best one.

The Audible has a huge collection of audiobooks, based on different categories. Best-sellers, top-rated, thrillers, love stories, general knowledge – take your pick from an array of choices. Enjoy your drive while listening to these engaging stories and stay focused on the road. Audiobooks are a great way to spend time during the long hours on the roads.

Website: https://www.audible.com/

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