8 Best Ways to Lock a Trailer

A trailer is your home on wheels. It also facilitates the carrying of a large amount of cargo. The last thing that you would want is to have that cargo or – at worst – the entire trailer stolen. However, it’s a sad reality. A large number of trailers are stolen every year, and in many cases, it is because of a casual attitude adopted by the owner with regards to trailer security.

Best ways to lock a trailer

There are many ways – and easy ones at that – to prevent your trailer from being stolen. Avoid keeping it in desolate areas or on the open road. If the trailer is out of sight, it is safe to a large extent. However, if that isn’t feasible for you, or if commercial storage facilities turn out to be expensive, then you would need to make minor investments in some simple yet effective gadgets to protect your trailer from thieves and pilferers.

Of course, almost no lock is unbreakable – at least theoretically. But if you get hold of a lock that’s of high quality, then it becomes that much more difficult to break. And the tougher it is to break, the more secure your trailer would be. Because the thieves don’t have all the time in the world to spend in breaking through tough locks and securing devices. Below, let’s take a look at some such gadgets.

Trailer Wheel Lock

This is a sure-fire way to ensure that your wheels are locked, safely, and securely. This prevents your trailer from being hooked away.

Trailer wheel lock

There are several such locks available like Trimax, OxGord Heavy-Duty Anti-Theft Vehicle Wheel Lock, etc. These suit multiple vehicle types, including trailers. Made from very good quality strong steel, it comes with an outer rubber coating that prevents any scratches from being caused to the wheels.

Trailer Hitch Lock

A Hitch Lock protects the ball hitch. This is a very effective way to hook up the trailer.

Trailer hitch lock

After you put the ball mount in place, arrange the holes in the shank in a proper line, and enter the hitch lock pin through both holes.  This protects the trailer from being attachable to the hitch of the miscreants’ vehicles.

Coupler Lock

The coupler is one part of the trailer that acts as a weak link, as far as trailer security is concerned. Couplers in many trailers are simply bolted and not welded.

Trailer coupler lock

This makes it easy for the thieves to simply unbolt the coupler, put in another one, and run off with the trailer. The welded coupler offers a marginally higher level of security. In the latter, if the nut under the locking pin is taken out, the entire coupler collapses.

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The pin in the trailer coupler lock doesn’t allow disengagement of the coupler as it passes through the latch. The top-level coupler locks, like the Reese Towpower, are made of the strongest quality steel. This makes the locks very hardy and almost immune to breakage and removal. The chains also need to be fastened securely.

Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock

Use a renowned brand of trailer receiver locks like the Trimax Premium Key Receiver Lock to ensure a higher degree of security for your trailer.

Hitch Receiver Lock

It will securely hold together the hitch and the receiver and can only be unlocked with the designated key. They don’t cost you much but have an important role to play in the trailer’s security.

Trailer Straps or Chains

Make use of the sturdy cargo straps to secure the cargo in the trailer while you are traveling with it. This will prevent the cargo from moving here and there within the trailer. And to secure the entire trailer, go for binder chains or safety chains. These will tie the entire trailer in a firm manner.

Use good quality chains and run them through the wheels and the axle. Combine chains like SAS Heavy Duty 16mm chains with top-level padlocks like ABLOY. Fasten the chains to strong anchoring points like fence posts or trees, and your trailer will remain immobile and theft-protected till you unfasten the chains.

Use Locking Lug Nuts

For an enhanced level of security for your trailer, attach locking lug nuts to your wheels. These make it very difficult for thieves to remove the wheels – should they be so desperate in case they can’t steal the trailer.

Locking lug nuts

It will slow them down considerably and they won’t dare to take the risk. There are many premium quality lug nuts, like the ones manufactured by McGard. These are made from the best quality steel with a strong plating of nickel and chrome. Besides being tough, these are also immune to corrosion. But don’t forget to keep the keys to these nuts handy. You would need to unlock them in case your trailer has a flat tire.

Remove the Tires

A trailer without tires is impossible to move. And you don’t really expect thieves to come with spare tires to steal a trailer. So, as an additional security measure besides the ones mentioned above, you can consider removing the wheels of your trailer when you are parking it for a considerable length of time.

GPS Tracking Mechanism

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a trailer locking mechanism. But this adds on to your trailer’s security to a great extent. You must equip your trailer with a GPS-based tracking system. That way, even if it gets stolen, it can be tracked. It will make the police’s job much easier to located the trailer. This mechanism is an indispensable part of your trailer to make it more secure.

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