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AAA Cooper Transportation is a family-owned firm, which specializes in regional LTL truckload carriage. It is a privately-held asset-based transportation solutions provider. Its network spans 12 southeastern states and Puerto RICO. Its headquarters are in Dothan,  AL. It has directly operated facilities in Southeast, Southwest, Midwest and Puerto Rico.

AAA Cooper Transportation

ACT employs 5000 employees in its specialized units. Its services are supported by a fleet of 3000 tractors and 6,500 trailers. The ACT has the mission of complying with diverse customer requirements through flexible and integrated services. Its vision is to earn the tag of most honored, most innovative, most efficient and the safest carrier in its chosen network. The firm invites new and qualified employees in its various units and roles.

The firm has taken many breakthrough steps to promote sustainability and environment-friendly business practices. It is also a certified Smartway Partner.

ACT began its services as early as in the 1930s. In the 1980s its business activities underwent expansion at a fast pace. Since 1997, ACT has emerged as one of the leading LTL service providers. It started working in association with established carriers to expand its global network and service operations. Eventually, it expanded its network to Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Asia, Africa and different parts of the world.

In 2002, ACT began providing dedicated contract carriage services. In 2006, the company’s annual revenue went past 500 million USD.

Core values

  1. Integrity or ability to adhere to the right values
  2. Innovation or constant endeavor for seeking innovative solutions
  3. Competence
  4. Teamwork or fostering a culture of togetherness in the workforce

Services offered

LTL: The firm is the best in delivering LTL services with service centers located throughout Southeast and Midwest.

Dedicated services: The firm has adequate infrastructure to complement sudden demands including brokerage services.

Fleet maintenance: Trained technicians are hired so that the fleet equipment is kept new and non-defaced.

International: Services are available in many corners of the world.

How to Track AAA Cooper Transportation Consignment           

To track consignment a customer needs to provide PRO Number in the slot provided and access shipment details with a click.

AAA Cooper Pro Search

1) Keep your PRO number with you

2) Enter your PRO number here

3) Click on Track button

This will show the current shipment status.

Alternatively, one may drop in an email with the query to and the customer support will update accordingly.

Unique features

  1. Sustainability initiatives like fuel-efficient tractors with automatic transmission features, improved RPM and MPG.
  2. Advanced data centers demands, reducing overall HVAC demands.
  3. LTL system flow improvements
  4. Recycling ideas like recycling oil filters and scrap steel.

Head Quarter Address

AAA Cooper
Office No-1751, Kinsey Road
Dothan AL 36303-5877

Customer Support

The AAA Cooper  Transportation setup its own customer service in order to provide prompt services. For any new booking, or tracking or complaint, customer can call to below helpline number:

Phone Number: 334-793-2284
Toll-Free Number: (800) 633-7571
Fax Free Number: 855-635-8704

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