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Use the live ABF Freight Tracking tool to check your shipment tatus. The Arc Best Freight provide solutions of logistics for a lot of supply chains. The ABF Trucking offer freight network, household moving, ground expedite solutions and vehicle maintenance, together with repair.  Logistics is all about planning and implementation of the movement of goods. You will find that the whole team from is efficient in building a relationship with its clients and customers by offering transportation network that has its range far and wide. The ABF trucking tracking is also easy and hence a reason for better satisfaction of its clientele.

ABF Freight

When you send your goods through the ArcBest Freight, you need to track the goods while they are on the move. They have a simplified tool that helps in tracking the goods and the transport with precision. When you choose the transport system to send your goods, you receive a PRO number that is the reference number of your shipment. You can check the status of the shipment by using this number on the tracking tool.

Tracking ABF Freight Online

The freight delivery can be check with auto ABF tracking option – where you will get the real time notifications for the shipment. These are sent to you from the Arc Best Freight and you can view a brief report of all the shipments that you have with the company.  For this, you must have PRO or U-Pack number that you received from the company.

Enter ABF Trucking Tracking Detail


Customer Care

There are times when you do not have the right tools at hand or you need some guidance in tracking the shipment. You can track ABF trucking online or contact the customer service team that will help you with the status report of your shipment.

You will get assistance through the customer care team by contacting helpdesk@arcb.com and you can also call up 479-785-8900 from your phone to speak with the team.

Shipment report

You can view the Arc Best’s shipment reports online. You can also send the reports to your partners as email attachments, if necessary.

There are options for arranging the reports in a customized way. For example, you can get the status reports in a calendar interface directly from the server.

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