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Aim Transport Inc. provides specialized services in goods transportation. It is based in Rhodesdale, MD. The firm’s supply chain network is mainly concentrated in mid-Atlantic and north-east areas of the United States. Aim Transport Inc. uses the tag line ‘We deliver on target’. The firm is highly professional with the record of shipment delivery 99% on-time. Aim Transport aims to be the mainstream provider of dry and refrigerated goods in its service zone.

AIM Transport Inc

Aim Transport Inc. has been serving the transportation industry for 28 years. The firm has substantial infrastructure and capacity for large volume operations. Yet, the firm maintains the values which only smaller firms provide, such as contact with real people.  At Aim Transport Inc. it is believed that a business should operate on ethical values. It’s unique business values are PRIDE meaning ‘Personal  Responsibility In Delivery Excellence’.

Aim Transport has highly advanced and efficiently designed equipment. It hires quality and dedicated employees. Charlie Beauchamp is one of the best drivers here. He received Delaware’s Driver of the year award in 2018. Employees are motivated through training and motivational events. Both drivers and trucks participate in special occasions like Special Olympics and Christmas Parade.

Aim Transport is also committed to sustainability measures. It has entered into a partnership with Smart way, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) body aiming to reduce emission levels of greenhouse gases. Aim Transport is equipped with design and engineering innovations for reduced emission levels. Aim Transport’s fleet comprises of trucks with aerodynamic designs, certified as pollution-free by Smart Way. The trucks are also equipped with intrinsic mechanisms, making them fuel-efficient.


1. Truckload van
2. Refrigerated freight hauling
3. Rental trails
4. Dry and refrigerated goods

Tracking AIM Transport Inc Consignment

Started in 1990 the AIM Transport Inc is based in Maryland given its tracking solution to check the shipment status. Customers can track the shipment by calling customer support using the number 410-943-0246. The customer support is co-operative and provides prompt solutions for customer queries.

Unique features

1. The company operations are based on the principles of P-personal R-Responsibility I-in D-delivery E-Excellence
2. Employee motivation through special events like Christmas parade
3. Trucks with anti-idling mechanisms for improved fuel efficiency
4. Aerodynamic designs, certified by US EPA SmartWay.
5. The core belief that every business should operate on Godly values
6. 99% on-time delivery

Head Quarter Address: 

Office No- 4818, East New Market Road, Railroad Avenue
Zip code- 21659
United States

AIM Transport Customer Support: 

For any queries including a complaint, suggestion, or feedback, you can contact to the AIM Transport Inc customer service at below mention number and email:

Phone: +1-410-943-0246
Fax: +1-410-943-3749

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