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ATS Healthcare is a prominent healthcare shipper with an excellent range of services. The ATS Healthcare provided its tracking system so that customers can track and trace the shipment. When the customers look for the most caring, dedicated, seasoned, and thorough people in the health-care shipping services, ATS healthcare is there to take care of all their necessities. The Company is armed with an outstanding range of services, which is virtually unbeatable with exceptional features. By making use of some of the most stringent product handling necessities of the healthcare transportation industry, ATS healthcare makes sure that the integrity and quality of sensitive high-value products remain unharmed. The Company keeps a constant vigil on the real-time temperature.

ATS Healthcare

Services on offer

Dedicated Fleet Services –  ATS healthcare gives dedicated and semi-dedicated fleets to Canada’s healthcare industry. To add to it, it also does material management, scheduling of production, customer care, and warehousing. The Company has superiority in the areas like expertise in vehicle specifications, training in ISO certified environment, superior driver retention, and reduction in capital expenditures.

Transportation services –  ATS healthcare gives coast-to-coast temperature management services, which are integrated with mission-critical pharmaceutical shipments in mind. Its seamless search for new technologies became a reason for its advancement in complimentary transportation services. Nowadays, it delivers the much-needed care for Canada’s healthcare industry by means of different modes of transportation and other value-added services.

Temperature Management technologies –  As of now, healthcare products get shipped under strict guidelines and control processes.  At ATS, doing management of this kind of transportation services is its specialization.  The Company gives the much-needed facilities on the road and during transportation. Those are as follows;

  1. Coast to coast distribution coverage with complete temperature management.
  2. Every type of facility gets temperature controlled.
  3. The Company gives drivers with the capacity of keeping constant watch over the temperature of the trailer.
  4. Location monitoring of the vehicles and round-the-clock controlling of temperature are available in its complete range of services.
  5. Vehicles temperatures get displayed in the dispatch area prior to loading to help eradicate temperature excursions.
  6. The customers could contact the Company office for temperature control requirements.

Thermal Packaging Solutions –  The Company’s container solutions for temperature-sensitive materials could transport safely extremely sensitive and delicate items like blood and tissues, medical samples, and pharmaceuticals.  The CREDO product range gives really reusable solutions to meet the real environmental necessities to meet the matching environmental necessities. The thermal packaging solutions are available in all temperature ranges.

Tracking ATS Healthcare Shipment

You should have a valid ATS shipment number to track the shipment.  Please do the following to track your cargo in transit:

Enter ATS Healthcare Tracking Number

  1. Mention your ATS reference numbers in the box.
  2. You could track up to 10 cargo consignment at one time.
  3. Click on the “TRACK” button then.
  4. You would get the most updated status of your consignment in transit.


Otherwise, you may call ATS Healthcare customer care at 1-877-694-4454 and find the shipment status.

ATS Toronto Headquarter Address

Following is the head-office address of ATS Healthcare. You can call the customer care to find out your goods shipment status or query about the new booking:

No- 100 Vaughan Valley Blvd.
Vaughan, ON, L4H 3C5
Phone: 416-744-4900
Fax: 416-744-4935
Email id:

ATS Vancouver Address:

#150-18279 Blundell Rd.
Richmond, BC, V6W 1L8
Phone: 604-279-9840
Email id:

ATS Kelowna

240-2350 Norris Road S
Kelowna, BC, V1X 8H6
Phone: 250-765-8860
Email id:

ATS Calgary Address:

5480 61st Ave. SE
Calgary, AB, T2C 5T1
Phone: 403-532-1001
Email id:

ATS Edmonton Address:

#8, 11560 186 St. NW
Edmonton, AB, T5S 0J1
Phone: 780-809-7375
Email id:

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