BBB Express Tracking Online

Use the Bbb Tracking number for an online track and trace to check the shipment delivery status. What customers consider as exceptional service is just a normal day’s work for BBB Express. That’s the level of service commitment & involvement the company believes in. BBB Express, part of the famous BBB Group, was established in 2006 by seniors of the logistics industry. With a deep knowledge of the requirements of the customers and the best way to provide solutions for them, BBB Express moves on the lines of SCS (Strategize, Customize, and Satisfy).

BBB Express

The BBB Group began its journey in 1955, as BBB Mailers. It was engaged in delivering newspapers and magazines door-to-door. Over the years, the group has developed into a full-fledged logistics service provider, with involvement in every sphere of cargo handling & transportation.

BBB Express Tracking

The BBB Express ensures prompt and accurate tracking of the shipment, wherever it might be on its route. Empowered with the latest tracking technology, the company ensures that the clients are aware of the shipment status at any point, 24 x 7.

Steps to track and trace Bbb Express:

1) Enter the CN or Reference Number

2) Click on Captcha

3) Now click on Search Now button

4) This will show the current shipment status

Here is what the tracking portal looks like:


BBB Express tracking portal

You can check the status here.

You can also call BBB Express customer care at +60 9-764 4545 to track your shipment by providing the CN or Reference number.

The current status of the shipment is something that shippers and consignees are always concerned about. And as a responsible carriage service provider, BBB Express realizes this concern and facilitates this option.

BBB Express Services

BBB Express’s service network is spread across the length and breadth of Malaysia. The company has a fleet that is among the most modern. Equipped with the latest technology related to tracking & safety, BBB Express’s carriage vehicles do a flawless job in helping to reach the cargo to the desired destination.

BBB Express’s service domains span a wide area. The company began as a mail delivery service. Today, it is a premier courier delivery organization of the country. BBB Express is also a satellite hub operator related to courier and cargo shipments of the region. Via its wide network of agents, the company also provides air freight services and also express air freight. This helps its clients to send their products to any part of the globe.

In keeping with the requirements of customers who are sending time-sensitive shipments, BBB Express has a dedicated service for this purpose. It makes the shipment reach the destination at or before the specified time. BBB Express is also into warehousing and distribution services, thus taking care of the storage-related headaches of its customers and their consignees. Records management and dedicated transportation are some other hallmarks of BBB Express’s service range.

Some of the major clients of BBB Express are – Dell, Ericsson, Lenovo, LG, Huawei, Continental, etc.

BBB Express Headquarter

Lot 3281-A, Tingkat Bawah Kampung Jaya,
Jalan Tengku Maasum,
Pasir Hor, 15100 Kota Bharu,

Customer Support

Phone Number: +60 9-764 4545

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