The 10 Best GPS Apps for Truckers in 2023

Best GPS Apps for Truckers in 2022: Tablets & cell phones have become integral parts of our life now. We are always able to communicate with any and everyone through these devices. The trucking industry is no exception. Truckers ply their vehicles over the desolate countryside, forests, and mountainous terrains. They always need to be in touch with their organization & also with their family members. Along with that, they need to find their way into unknown territory. And they also need to be traceable. And this has given birth to a number of apps for truckers.

Best GPS apps for truckers

With these apps, truckers have access to a large variety of information. Be it weather updates, traffic information (or any related mishap), or other information at their fingertips. Apart from ease of acquiring information, these apps also enhance the levels of business operations. Truckers can breathe easier while they are on the road. The GPS facility also comes in very handy for truckers.

What is a GPS Device?

A GPS device obtains information from a GNSS satellite and then does a calculation of the device’s geographic location. Through a GPS device, one can obtain directions to any place on the earth and can also pinpoint its position on the map. It is of immense assistance when you are navigating through unknown or unfamiliar territory.

Are There Good GPS Devices for Truck Drivers?

There are several praiseworthy GPS devices for truckers. These can be paired with smartphones and are also compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These devices are easy to mount. Reaching any destination has become much easier with the use of GPS devices.

Here are some top GPS Apps for Truckers:

Voice GPS Driving Route

Voice GPS Driving Route

This wonderful app provides maps with driving directions that are also voice-enabled. Providing the best route to reach the destination, the voice feature is very helpful to drivers as they don’t need to diver their attention in reading the screen. It also comes with suitable biking & cycling routes, a digital compass, and live maps.

Sygic Truck & RV GPS Navigation

Sygic Truck & RV GPS Navigation

Drivers of large trucks need highly specialized tracking & guiding facilities.And the Sygic Truck & RV GPS Navigation systems do precisely that.No wonder why more than 3 million truckers worldwide swear by this app. Besides trucks, drivers of vehicles like HGVs, vans, buses, caravans, and global delivery fleets also use this app. It provides the best driving routes based on  

GPS Live Navigation

GPS Live Navigation

A routing engine that comes with a lot of power. Interactive maps, turn-by-turn direction provision, and live traffic alerts. These are just some of the many features that come with GPS Live Navigation.  You can also check if you are within the speed limits. Feeling hungry? Find the nearest food joint near you. Does your truck need a gas refill? No worries….the app will locate the closest gas station for you.

Google Maps

Google maps

With more than 200 countries mapped with it, Google Maps remains the premier support app for truckers. The majority of establishments around the globe can be tracked through it. Truckers can locate the best driving routes, get updates on traffic & weather conditions, and also located the nearest refreshment options. Having problems with internet connectivity? No worries. The offline maps will also help the truckers to find their way & reach the destination in the shortest possible time.

GPS Navigation Live Map & Driving Directions Guide

GPS Navigation Live Map & Driving Directions Guide

For millions of android user truckers around the world, the GPS Navigation Live Map is the go-to option to find its way in any part of the world. The route planner helps to plan the trucker to reach the destination in the shortest possible time. The live maps are there for real-time guidance. You can also bookmark a particular GPS location map direction. The Free Compass also facilitates finding the easiest route to the destination. And if the trucker has traveled to another country with his/her truck and is not well aware of the language there, he/she can make use of the Voice Translator feature to make himself/herself understood.

Offline GPS Navigation, Traffic & Maps by Karta

Offline GPS Navigation

This is among the most customizable apps available. The free road maps are available offline, eliminating your worries about unstable internet connectivity in many areas. The driving instructions are well-detailed, leaving no room for any confusion or uncertainty. An on-screen speedometer is available, allowing you to control your cruising speed. Speed radar alerts are also available, with the same end objective. Finding the nearest eating joints, parking spots, lanes & by-lanes – it’s all available with just a few clicks.

Circuit Route Planner

Circuit Route Planner

More than a million truckers have downloaded this app. Over 150 million shipments have been delivered successfully by using this app’s service. That speaks a lot about the service quality of the Circuit Route Planner. From optimizing the delivery route & choosing your preferred GPS, to marking priority delivery stops and almost 100% accurate estimated delivery times, the app’s services are almost indispensable for truckers worldwide. You can also incorporate last-minute changes in your schedule & prioritize your dropping-off points.

GPS Satellite – Live Earth Maps & Voice Navigation

The app provides highly useful services like driving directions, parking facilities, traffic snarl information, and gas station location. 3D maps of the locations facilitate much easier driving & reaching the destination. The Voice Navigation facility assists the truckers more as they don’t need to stay glued to their mobile phone screens.

Trucker Path

Trucker Path

Trucker Path is among the most useful GPS apps for truckers. Millions of truckers around the world trust it for its excellent & real-time services. This app features customized and trucker-specific services like truck parking, truck stops, gas stations, weighbridges, and motels’ availability. It also comes with live weather & traffic updates and the best possible route to reach the destination. The app contains features like Roady’s, Blue Beacon, Kwik Trip, CAT Scales, etc.



This app comes with a very useful feature – real-time updates on accidents, roadblocks, or road construction activities ahead that can seriously destabilize a trucker’s schedule. By using this app, truckers can stay updated on such hazards or police blockades and find alternative routes to reach their destinations on time. Also, get the estimated time of arrival so that you can plan your schedule accordingly.


We have shared some of the top apps in above list. Make sure that whichever GPS Apps you are going to use as a trucker, it must have good rating and reviews so that your driving experience will improve. Happy driving!

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