Best Place to Buy Used Semi Trucks directly from Owner

Shopping for just that right used truck can be quite a headache. Striking the right balance between price considerations and quality is the challenge and a tough one at that. We give you a rundown on the best place to buy used semi-trucks. If you’re a beginner in the transport business and are taking the first baby steps, buying a used truck is the best way to start. While the downside of buying a used truck is its low mileage, we still suggest that you go for one to avoid coughing up a huge amount just to get started with your business. So, it’s all about buying one that doesn’t let you down while on the road and doesn’t make a hole in your pocket either.

How to buy a used semi trucks in United States

Here are the best platforms to check out when you buy that used truck you’ve been looking for all this while. It’s a cumbersome process. Our guidelines will surely help you through the process. So fasten your seat belts and hold tight for the ride ahead.

Here are a few online options you can try to buy a used semi-trucks directly from the owner:

Classified Sites

Classified sites

Online classified ad sites are a great platform to find and buy used semi-trucks, one that meets your needs and fits your budget too. You’ll find a lot of used trucks listed on these sites from which you are most likely to find a suitable one. We suggest It’s one of the largest sites selling used trucks with offers from both private owners and dealers. too offers a lot of options even though it’s not meant for truck sales solely. You are likely to find one just right for you here.

Auctions on eBay


If you’re looking for a steal while buying your used semi-truck, this is the place. You’re likely to find a truck here at a price you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll have to open an account first and then you can start bidding for a truck you feel is right for you. There’s a big luck factor in play here as it’s a matter of chance that you end up as the winning bidder even after keeping a lid on the price. The site is pretty user-friendly and all you need to do is type in the most appropriate keywords on their search bar and get started.

Make sure to check the mileage of semi-truck before buying so that you get the only best truck.


Carsdirect is one site you should never ever skip while looking for a used truck. It has thousands of trucks lined up for you to choose from. It’s a one-stop-shop for your truck-buying with even easy financing on offer. There’s a friendly and courteous 24-hour online support that’s more than happy to guide you through the entire process. With trucks being posted at rock bottom prices, this is one of the best, if not the best online platform to pick your truck from. Featuring both new and used semi-truck dealerships you’ll find used se trucks here at surprisingly low prices. Just make sure that you type ‘used trucks on’ on Google so that you are guided to the page meant exclusively for trucks.

Official Website:

Craigslist Ads


If you are looking for a reliable site to buy a used semi-truck then Craigslist is the best platform from where you can directly connect to the owner/seller. You can search for the used semi trucks directly on Craigslist website which offers good deals and available anywhere under $10,000 to $40,000 depending on the quality of the trucks. When you visit the site, be careful and choose the right location before you begin your search. You’ll find a ‘for sale’ section with a list of items on offer. On this site, you’ll find used trucks of various makes listed at various prices. It’s likely to be a good deal at an affordable price. What’s more, you’ll also find accessories for your truck here and when you need any parts for it, you’ll find them here too.

Official URL:

Ad Search Engines

Search Engine

Before you buy a used commercial truck from this source, please check to see that the truck is still available, in other words, make sure that the ad hasn’t expired. There are websites that find out the best truck suitable for you on the net after you’ve typed in the appropriate keywords. However, make sure that you pick the buyer from a place close to you to avoid incurring a major cost in having your truck shipped to you.

Official URL:


You can find your used truck on various websites. While some websites let you get in touch with the owner and buy the truck from him itself, other sites like sell the trucks on their page itself. Upon visiting these sites, you’ll come across photos of the truck along with user reviews. These sites also offer a warranty on the truck you buy and you may also find a few refurbished ones. Websites offer a plethora of trucks you can pick from. Just make sure that you pick the truck from a reliable buyer if you’re buying it from him directly.

Just in case you still haven’t found the used semi-truck you’re looking for though the chances are low, you can go ahead and try these offline options.

The Local Newspaper

News paper

While the internet does indeed offer a lot of options to pick heavy-duty trucks from, you would do wisely not to give your local newspaper a miss. Not only does this give you a chance to pick a truck from a location close to you, but you may also come across someone looking for a deal and willing to sell his truck at a reasonable price. If you’re lucky enough, you might find someone willing to sell his truck quickly that’ll give you a lot of leeway to bargain. The local newspaper might also help you pick your truck from your close community putting the seller under some obligation that his truck doesn’t let you down.

Local Community Ads

Community ads like the ones on the church boards or community boards post offer from those in close vicinity. These ads may include those willing to sell used commercial trucks. You would, therefore, do wise to look up these ads. One major advantage of buying through local community ads is that you get to meet the owner personally and test the truck yourself. You are likely to get a good bargain when you deal with the owner personally.

Bonus Tips: You may keep a close eye on good trucking companies like Fastenal, Knight Transportation, Maverick Transportation who put their used truck for sale from time to time.


Despite being the complicated process that it is, we feel that our guide on the best place to buy used semi trucks will help you through it. It is a must that you test the truck well before buying it. Irrespective of where you buy it from, a thorough check of the truck must be done. You would do well to take along an expert who knows about trucks really well. It’s also desirable that you pick one from one of the leading manufacturers.

Make sure that you’ve investigated the truck’s history, in other words, what it has been used for. Look for warranties and check the maintenance records too. Carry out a thorough check of the transmission, axles and of course, the engine. Do tell us how your experience was. We look forward to hearing from you.

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