Best 16 Trucking Companies in Reno, NV

The Reno NV trucking businesses witnessed the greatest change in December of 2015. This is when the FMCSA issued the decisive electronic logging device law, namely, the ELD mandate. What was the implication of this mandate?

Trucking Companies in Reno Nevada

That all commercial vehicles, mainly the one associated with long haul trucking have an electrical logging device. The common name for this device was ELD. This regulation came into effect in December of 2018.

The roads and bridges of Nevada and Reno rank with the very best. The credit goes to the NDOT.

In the section below we are going to discuss the top trucking companies in Reno NV that you may consider for hiring their services:

ITS Logistics

This company counts as a leading trucking company in Nevada. The company specializes in

  • Custom-made supply chain solutions by the use of its asset-based dedicated armada
  • Multi-modal freight brokerage across the country
  • Warehousing

The above combination lets the company offer the most original logistics solutions.

Swift Transportation – Sparks Terminal

The company offers short and medium and expedited haul services, refrigerated and dry, and intermodal services. For that, the company flatbeds have varied trailer configurations.

The company’s logistics complements asset-based services.

Knight Transportation

The company can offer various solutions to truckload shippers due to its:

  • Several service centres
  • Vasttractor fleet
  • Access to the equipment of third-party suppliers

The services that the company offers are

  • Temperature-controlled truckload
  • Dry van truckload
  • Dedicated truckload services
  • Drayage services
  • Rail intermodal services
  • Truckload freight brokerage

Reno Rock Transport

The company is the ultimate in the delivery of materials for garden and driveway jobs. You will get delivery trucks of various sizes for varying sized projects. They include

  • F-450 / F-550 Dump Truck
  • 6 Wheeler Dump Truck
  • 10 Wheeler Dump Truck
  • 12 Wheeler Dump Truck
  • End and Bottom Dumps
  • Double and triple Transfers

Do you wish to pick up the material yourself? There are loaders for loading petite pick-up trucks, big dump trucks, and open-top trailers of all sizes.

FedEx Freight

The company’s LTL network has revolutionized the industry with all-points coverage and a single pickup and delivery. The company’s priority package is right when speed is vital fora supply chain. The Economy pack lets you save money when time isn’t a priority.

Carney’s Full Services Movers

The specialized moving team working with Carney’s Movers presents full-service packing, shifting and loading and unloading moving. The company’s moving trucks feature the right equipment for making a shift a success. They are dollies, pads, wardrobe boxes, and shrink wrap.

The company can make a shift more planned and board and un-board all the belongings carefully.

You may also check the leading trucking Companies in Jacksonville, FL.

Randa Logistics

Shipping several thousand units of merchandise daily isn’t easy and needs a lot of work. The panel in the Randa LogisticsCenters plays a key role in the success of this leading men’s accessories corporation.

From packing to transportation and more the company staff does it all.

AMPM Auto Transport

The company is a frontrunner in auto shipping and can help in various auto shipping services. Regardless of you moving for school, work, or family, the company does the auto shipping. The company can shift any motor vehicle in any condition. The company does the usual door to door transport. The company’s expedited car shipping is the answer when speed is needed! The expert drivers are adept in dealing with conditions like nasty weather.

Old Dominion Freight Line

OD ships fright across all parts of the USA and do time-sensitive freight delivery.
The company does direct service to Hawaii, Canada, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.
It ships all over the Caribbean, the Far East, Europe, South America, Central America, and places in between.


The company gives people just what they want. The company will complete a shipment within the specified time and date. The company boasts of an incredible 99.6% on-time rate. Thus, those interested can trust this prominent western regional carrier to come out trumps every time. Customers can pick from various delivery options.

Sr. No. Name & Address Rating


ITS Logistics
555 Vista Blvd, Sparks,
NV 89434, USA
Contact number: +1-775-358-5300
3.4/5 (based on 70 reviews)
2 Swift Transportation – Sparks Terminal
1455 Hulda Way, Sparks,
NV 89431, USA
Contact number: +1-775-359-5161
3.8/5 (based on 67 reviews)
3 Knight Transportation
1475 Hulda Way, Sparks,
NV 89431, USA
Contact no:- +1-775-331-1000
4.0/5 (based on42 reviews)


Reno Rock Transport
3900 N Virginia St, Reno,
NV 89506, USA
Contacts number: +1-775-677-9500
3.6/5 (based on 42 reviews)
5 Carney’s Full Services Movers
1749 Victorian Ave, Sparks,
NV 89431, USA
Contact number: +1-775-358-3900
3.9/5 (based on 30 reviews)
6 FedEx Freight
1750 Industrial Way, Sparks,
NV 89431, USA
Contacts number: +1 775-356-7600
4.2/5 (based on 25 reviews)
7 Randa Logistics
700 USA Pkwy, Sparks,
NV 89434, USA
Contacts number: +1-775-343-4201
3.5/5 (based on 22 reviews)
8 Reddaway
1875 Industrial Way, Sparks,
NV 89431, USA
Contacts number: +1-888-420-8960
3.2/5 (based on 22 reviews)
9 AMPM Auto Transport
430 Stoker Ave, Reno,
NV 89502, USA
Contacts number: +1 775-501-6801
4.3/5 ( based on 21 reviews)
10 Old Dominion Freight Line
200 Independence Way, Lockwood,
NV 89434, USA
Contacts number: +1-775-342-2500
4.6/5 (based on 18 reviews)
11 XPO Logistics
1340 Spice Islands Dr, Sparks,
NV 89431, USA
Contacts number:  +1-775-356-7402
3.2/5 (based on 17 reviews)
12 Lakeside Specialized Transportation
2855 Highway 40 W, Verdi,
NV 89439, USA
Contact number: +1-775-345-6900
2.7/5 (based on 15 reviews)
13 Buzzard Trucking
2395 E 5th St, Reno,
NV 89512, USA
Contact number: +1 775-331-2599
3.2/5 (based on 14 reviews)
14 Oak Harbor Freight Lines
8960 Terabyte Dr, Reno,
NV 89521, USA
Contact number:  +1-775-851-9100
4.5/5 (based on 13 reviews)
15 Chicken Hawk Transport, LLC
235 London Dr, Lockwood,
NV 89434, USA
Contact  number: +1-775-786-4488
4.1/5 (based on 10 reviews)

As said above, if you know any other Trucking / Logistics company based in Reno then let us know by leaving your comment below. We will review and add it in this list if it has a good review.

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