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Caltop Logistics provided an online option to track the shipment status using the tracking number.  They have been a leader in providing regional LTL service into several states of US like Arizona, California, and Nevada along with Hawaii and Alaska. The company also excels in providing logistics services as well as consolidation and warehousing programs. Ranging from health and personal care to suppliers of automotive parts, Caltop has been serving several Fortune 500 companies for more than 43 years.

Caltop Logistics

Caltop was set up in the year 1977 as a non-profit shippers’ organization with an aim to provide its member’s pool distribution and consolidation services. The company has now established itself in the industry as a full-service asset-based logistics organization with specialization in offering consolidation programs, regional truckload, warehousing, appointment deliveries, and logistics services.

The Services Offered by Caltop Logistics

Caltop Logistics offers a wide range of trucking services. Some of them are:

  • Cross-docking
  • Container transport
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Container Handling
  • Cargo and Freight Services
  • Less than truckload and full truckload

The company also offers efficient and reliable logistics management assistance that helps its customers maintain a smoothly running supply chain. Timely deliveries ensure that there are no disruptions in the running of the supply chains of Caltop Logistics customers.

Caltop Logistics also offers other services like,

  • Pool distribution
  • Web access to shipment status on third-party websites
  • EDI transfers
  • POD imaging

Caltop Logistics’ unique “single source concept” offers useful cost-saving options and consolidation advantages. The company is known to have traditionally provided services that are personalized and customized to suit their customers and help them save costs.

Caltop Logistics has also earned a reputation for itself for its excellent customer service. The customer service team has a band of thorough professionals who are very polite and more than happy to help customers with their queries.

Tracking Consignments Booked with Caltop Logistics

Caltop Logistics allows its customers to track and trace the shipment. All you need is the tracking number that was provided to you at the time of booking. You need to enter the tracking number that allows you to track and trace Calptop Logistics. This will show the current shipment status.

You can also get in touch with their friendly and helpful customer care team of Caltop Logistics at 562-946-4406 or get in touch with them through email at The customer care team will cooperate with you fully and come up with real-time status on you.

Caltop Logistics Headquarter Address

2310 E Gladwick Street
Rancho Dominguez, CA

Customer Support

For any complaint or new booking, you may call to the customer service of Caltop Logistics at below given number:

Main Phone Number: (562) 946-4406
Fax Number: (562) 946-4405

Email Addresses:



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