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Use the Capstone Logistics Tracking number to check the shipping status online. The Capstone Logistics is a leading US-based logistics firm, operating from over 650 locations across the country. It has a network of over 19,000 associates and an eye-popping 60,000+ carriers. This tremendous arsenal makes it one of the powerful firms of its kind in the country. Till date, Capstone has managed over 18 million shipments.

Capstone logistics

The company began its journey in 1986, although in a different format. LMS Intellibound began its journey in Atlanta, GA. And in 1996, Progressive Loading Services is founded in Memphis, TN. These two companies came together in 2011 to form Capstone Logistics. Over the next few years, it acquired a range of companies and expanded its capacities to last-mile delivery capabilities.

Capstone Logistics Tracking Services

The company offer tracking services to check the Capstone Logistics shipment status that includes Tracking Last mile delivery.

To track the last mile delivery of Caps Logistics, user must have a registered account on their portal. This allows individual users to track and trace the shipment status.

Capstone Logistics tracking portal

Visit to this page to track and trace the Capstone Logistics where you will have to enter the User ID and Password.

To integrate your ELD with freight carrier, you will have to submit an online form or else connect to the customer support at +1 877-930-5623.

Another way to track the Capstone Logistics is to call the customer service at +1 770-414-1929 #5, provide your tracking or reference number and they will provide an up-to-date shipment status.,

What is Special about Capstone?

Performance at peak levels and unflinching attention towards customer service – these are the driving forces behind the growth & success of Capstone. Building strong relationships with customers, based on delivering the desired results without fail has been the constant aim of Capstone. Constantly challenging itself to deliver even better outcomes motivates the staff of Capstone Logistics. And very importantly, the company ensures total transparency in all dealings and information-sharing with the customers.


  • Warehouse Services
  • Transportation
  • Freight Management
  • Supply Chain Optimization


The SCRIPT principle is what guides every activity at Capstone Logistics. It is as below:

  • Sense of ownership – taking responsibility of every action and feeling a sense of pride in everything that the staff does
  • Caring – concern, loyalty, and kindness in every gesture towards customers
  • Results oriented – only outcomes measure success, nothing else
  • Integrity – being truthful in every action & gesture towards stakeholders
  • Put others first – every stakeholder’s interest comes first, before the company’s interest
  • Transparency – clear & accurate information to be shared with customers at every step
  • No wonder that Capstone Logistics has been bestowed with a range of awards for performance & service excellence on a regular basis.

Capstone Logistics Customer Service Number

You can also use below customer care number to track logistics or book a new shipping:

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