Casiano Towing

Based out of Springfield in Massachusetts, USA, Casiano Towing is a mid-sized transportation company. It operates several trucks and offer their services fairly large portion of the country. However, the majority of its customers are located in nearby areas.

About Casiano Towing Company

Casiano Towing provides high-quality towing facilities for various cars. Be it a small hatchback or a large van/bus, Casiano Towing will reach the spot to safely tow the vehicle away. The company is just a call away from rescuing stranded vehicles. And they do quite a good job of it, as its substantial customer base would confirm.

Casiano Towing is also into carrying hazardous cargo. So, if you are a manufacturer of such commodities and are looking for a trusted transportation firm to carry your cargo, look no further. Casiano Towing will carry your hazardous chemicals with due caution and will ensure that it reaches your consignee on time & in the perfect condition.

Casiano employs highly experienced drivers who can negotiate any terrain, irrespective of the weather. The company places a lot of importance on the safety of its drivers and also of the cargo. It has the latest safety & tracking mechanisms in place in its vehicles to ensure almost zero risks. And with such measures in place, the company is set to grow from strength to strength in the days to come.

Casiano Towing Company Detail:

  • Year of Establishment: 09-AUG-16
  • No of Power units: 2
  • No of Employees: 2-5
  • Services: Cargo carried (Scrap Metal, Motor Vehicles)

Casiano Towing Headquarter Address:

422-424 Walnut St #3f,
MA 01105,

Map Address

Casiano Towing Customer Support

Here is the contact number of Casiano Towing customer service that can be used to communicate with them regarding shipment, new booking and complaint:

Telephone Number: (202) 521-1493, +1 413-777-3274
Email id:

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