What is Full Truckload (FTL)?

Full Truckload Infographic

A Full Truck Load (FTL) simply means that the truck will be used to ship the goods to a particular vendor only. The trucking system is what keeps the wheels of an economy moving, all over the world. They carry raw materials to the factories for production, and then the …

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Who Owns Mack Trucks in 2022?

Mack Trucks is a well known truck manufacturing company based in North Carolina. But do you know who own the Mack Trucks? Keep reading on! Mack calls itself “Born Ready.” And its vehicles are always ready to burn the road. For over a hundred years, Mack Trucks’ vehicles have been …

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The 10 Best GPS Apps for Truckers in 2022

Best GPS apps for truckers

Best GPS Apps for Truckers in 2022: Tablets & cell phones have become integral parts of our life now. We are always able to communicate with any and everyone through these devices. The trucking industry is no exception. Truckers ply their vehicles over the desolate countryside, forests, and mountainous terrains. …

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Does FedEx Deliver on Sundays?

Does fedex deliver on sundays

FedEx is a global giant in the field of courier & shipment delivery. It is present in over 200 nations and delivers packages to almost every corner of the world. It delivered close to 7 million packages worldwide every day in 2020.

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What is Flatbed Shipping?

Flatbed shipping

Flatbed shipping is a kind of transportation where the truckloads the goods in an open trailer. These types of trucks carry heavy equipment like machinery, iron, steel, etc.  These types of cargo can’t be fitted inside closed vans or containers. This equipment can’t be loaded or unloaded at docks in …

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15 Types of Construction Vehicles (Inforgraphic)

15 types of construction vehicles infographic scaled

Find the list of 15 leading Construction Vehicles here. I have prepared this data based on the top vehicles that is used in Construction field and explain with an infographic and table.  Construction vehicles are inseparable parts of any construction activity. These vehicles do various kinds of earthmoving, building, removals, …

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What is Partial Truckload Shipping?

Partial truckload shipping meaning explained

PTL or Partial Truckload Shipping is a term that is used by the shippers to send goods together using one truck. This allows several shippers to send their goods in one truck by sharing the expenses and pay only the space they occupied.

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8 Best Ways to Lock a Trailer

Best ways to lock a trailer

A trailer is your home on wheels. It also facilitates the carrying of a large amount of cargo. The last thing that you would want is to have that cargo or – at worst – the entire trailer stolen. However, it’s a sad reality. A large number of trailers are …

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Who Owns The PA Turnpike?

Designated as the USA’s first superhighway, the PA Turnpike was opened to motorists in 1940. It was a landmark event in the history of American roads. Stretching across more than 550 miles, the PA Turnpike begins at the state of Ohio and culminates at the New Jersey border at the …

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