8 Best Ways to Lock a Trailer

Best ways to lock a trailer

A trailer is your home on wheels. It also facilitates the carrying of a large amount of cargo. The last thing that you would want is to have that cargo or – at worst – the entire trailer stolen. However, it’s a sad reality. A large number of trailers are …

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Who Owns The PA Turnpike?

Designated as the USA’s first superhighway, the PA Turnpike was opened to motorists in 1940. It was a landmark event in the history of American roads. Stretching across more than 550 miles, the PA Turnpike begins at the state of Ohio and culminates at the New Jersey border at the …

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What Is Drop and Hook Trucking?

Drop and Hook Meaning Explained

It has been noticed that a majority of America’s Fortune 500 are made using preloaded drop trailers. It underlines that drop-and-hook is a hit with all shippers and carriers. Now the question is, what is drop-and-hook? Drop-and-hook is a delivery option picked by truckers for FCL of a high volume. …

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Inspiring Truck Driver Quotes – Best Slogan Images

Truck driver quotes: Its not just my job its my life

It’s a difficult life out there for a trucker. It’s very tiring driving for hours at a stretch through long and winding roads. The monotony of it can get to you at times. The food at the stops can be very unappetizing, far from what you would prefer back home. …

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What is Forced Dispatch and what Truckers should know?

Forced Dispatch guide

Forced dispatch is a subject that has raised various questions in the minds of truckers for a very long time. Not only is it mentioned on various company websites, but it also comes up for discussions on various forums. Now, what is forced dispatch? Most trucking companies look to take …

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The 10 Best Trucking Companies In Pretoria

Pretoria Trucking Companies List

For the growth of any economy, it is critical that the region/country has a stable road network and a robust tracking system. Industries need raw materials to manufacture their products. Consumers need the products at their doorsteps or at the markets from where they can buy them. And for both …

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Full Container Load (FCL) Guide, Meaning & FAQs

Full Container Load truck

Full Container Load, or FCL, is a type of shipment where the shipper fills up an entire container with his/her cargo. At times, some parts of the container might remain vacant, but the shipper books the entire container and pays for the whole of it. When the quantity of cargo …

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Why People Love Classic 359 Peterbilt Truck

Peterbilt 359 Classic

The American truck manufacturer Peterbilt Motors Company started operations in 1939. It was into the manufacturing of commercial heavy and medium-duty trucks. In 1958, Peterbilt was taken over by PACCAR. It began to operate side by side with Kenworth Truck Company, the other division of PACCAR. The company is headquartered …

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