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Clarence L Werner is the face behind Werner Enterprises.  He was born in 1937 in Nebraska, USA. He was the third of seven children of his parents. During the Great Depression years, poverty struck the family, and living conditions were tough. But the Werner family showed an indomitable spirit and battled the crises.

Clarence L. Werner

Clarence L Werner Biography

Clarence L WernerFrom a remarkably young age, Clarence showed a propensity towards driving. He learned to drive as early as 7 years and was driving small pickup trucks by the time he was 10. Everyone in the family worked very hard to keep the stoves burning. The main sources of income were dairy and farm products. After coming home from school, Clarence and his siblings helped their parents with domestic chores.

In 1955, at the age of 18, Clarence went to find work in a steel foundry in Omaha as the income from the farm was proving to be insufficient. Married and the father of a son, he needed to supplement his income. That’s when the idea of driving his own truck struck him.

Starting the Werner Enterprises Business

Clarence always had an inclination towards driving trucks. Hence, in 1956, he sold his car and bought a Ford truck. By 1959, he had two trucks. The business was growing and his fleet consisted of 15 trucks in 1965. He took up a small office space in Iowa. Werner Enterprises had started its journey.

In 1977, Werner Enterprises had its new headquarters in Omaha – the place where Clarence started his first job. In 1986, the company decided to go public. Within 10 more years, the fleet strength had reached 4,000.

Clarence L Werner Net Worth?

It is estimated that the Net Worth of Clarence L Werner is $610+ Million Dollar in 2014. So, after 6 years it should be a minimum $800 million dollar in 2021. Mr. Werner also holding Werner Enterprises Stocks.

Further Expansion

At the close of the millennium, Werner Enterprises moved beyond the borders of the USA and set up operations in Mexico and Canada. The revenues of the company were close to touching a billion dollars. Within a few more years, Werner Enterprises was well and truly a global logistics and transportation provider. It had set up operations in China as well and had built up an impressive network of partners across the world – thereby providing seamless end-to-end logistics.

Services Offered

A wide variety of logistics services is provided by Werner Enterprises. They include one-way truckload and dedicated logistics, expedited logistics, intermodal transportation, temperature-controlled services, cross-border trucking, global transportation services, last-mile logistics, and custom solutions.

An army of extremely competent, experienced, and courteous drivers operate the massive Werner fleet. It consists of more than 8,000 tractors, 20,000 trailers, and close to 13,000 associates and independent contractors across the globe. All the vehicles employ cutting-edge technology related to safety, tracking, and driving. In spite of the massive scale, the company takes personalized care of every shipment, big or small. Some of the commodities that Werner carries are grocery products, retail store items, and consumer merchandise.

The Road Ahead

In May 2020, Clarence stepped down from his post of Executive Chairman. After May 2021, he is expected to become Chairman Emeritus. Clarence scripted a legendary growth story for his company that became an 8,000-truck entity from a single-vehicle firm. During the years of struggle and growth, Clarence never lost touch with his core values – honesty, hard work, and the right treatment of customers. The values have been inculcated in the next generation leaders of the company. With them, the company is on a steady growth trajectory to become one of the leading transportation service providers globally.

Total No. of Employees: 9676

Headquarter Address:

14507 Frontier Road Omaha,
NE 68138 United States

Post Office Box Address:

P.O. Box 45308
Omaha NE 68145-0308

Customer Support

Phone Number: 1-402-895-6640, 1-800-228-2240
Logistics Phone Number: 1-866-620-8281

Call Driver Recruiting Number:

Recent Graduate: 1-800-362-3077
Experienced: 1-877-613-0207


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