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Right from the beginning, Cloud Logistics has taken up inventive and user-friendly technology to provide transportation logistics solutions for the world-wide logistics market. TMS from Cloud Logistics gives a sophisticated and perceptive experience to the users. Adding simplification to the selection of carrier, loading system, communication, and payment methods, the Company has really brought a revolution to the freight delivery system. It has added more visibility, real-time reporting, and gives a speedy deployment.

Cloud Logistics

With quality in its range of services, it offers full truckload, less-than-truckload, rail, intermodal, ocean, and parcel deliveries.  Cloud Logistics offers order collaboration, communication,, and international transportation system management services to its clients throughout the world.

Services available

Transportation Management System –  The Company offers complete transportation management, such as load consolidation, mode of the transportation system, carrier selection, etc.  To add to it, it gives clean and optimized support for load building. Backed up by proprietary technology, supporting capacity constraints, the Company gives heavy and complete truckload planning.

Global trade compliance services –  The Company could fully help in the complete compliance of formalities in trade intelligence, trade compliance, and university export compliance. By making use of its continuously updated information, the clients could reduce the costs of trade, develop compliance, and profitably improve new markets with confidence, when it comes to trade intelligence.  To add to it, it could also help immensely in trade compliance with its flexible software for architectural needs. For university export compliance, it has tailor-made university and higher education compliance programs.

3rd party logistics – If you are missing something relevant in your communication, the Company could help you in moving the moving parts and pieces that create each company’s supply chain. The Company’s 3rd party logistics could integrate with fruitful results and help in achieving desirable results.

Warehousing – The Company has amazing solutions for the warehousing needs of its clients.  It could keep its cargo for a longer period without inflicting any damage on it. Be it perishable or any delicate products, the Company could store such products without inflicting any damage on them in transit. The warehouses are strategically located to help the cargo in transit.

Tracking Cloud Logistics

Please follow the following procedure to know the status of your cargo in transit.

  1. Send a mail to, mentioning your reference number and the customer-care would get in touch with you with the exact status of your cargo in transit.
  2. You could log on to your registered account with the help of your user-name and password and you could know the exact status of your cargo in transit.

Headquarter Address

1000 Circle 75 Parkway
Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30339

Customer Support

For any new booking or query regarding the existing shipment, customers can give a call to the customer care of Cloud Logistics at below number or drop them an email and they will assist you:

Phone Number: 1-561-800-1212
Email ID:

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