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It was after several trucking companies were consolidated that Ergon Trucking came into being in 1973. They serve companies who’re looking for specialized handling of their cargo. Their services are reliable and it comes at competitive rates.

Ergon Trucking has always been a good employer offering excellent pay and benefits to its employees. That has helped the company recruit and retain the best drivers available in the industry. Ergon Trucking’s employment policies are family-friendly which has ensured that the average tenure of drivers at the company is 15 years with the driver rate being at 12 percent.

During the last 5 decades, Ergon Trucking has been providing a wide range of transportation services that’s been flexible and responsive. They have a specialized fleet of trucks and trailers hauling liquid products requiring delicate handling. Ergon Trucking ensures proper temperature control and is very particular about timely delivery and it’s also very strict about taking safety precautions.

What does Ergon Trucking do?

Operating through 48 adjacent states and Canada, Ergon Trucking is involved in pick-ups and delivering a wide range of liquid goods like crude oil, process oil, asphalt, lube, chemicals, acoustics, and other products. They serve their group companies as well as external customers.

Possessing terminals of their own, Ergon subsidiaries help coordinate the transportation of crude oil and finished products with their terminaling. Ergon Maintenance Services is involved in the construction and maintenance of Ergon refineries and terminals and those of external customers too.


  • Rigorous handling requirements,
  • Sensitive temperature requirements
  • Critical delivery timing
  • Crucial safety precautions

Ergon Trucking Quick Overview

Opening Year: 1973
President: Russ Maroney
Total Employee: 50 to 150
Company Type: Private
Headquarter: Magnolia, Ohio
Phone: 1-833-893-0342
Website: https://www.ergontrucking.com/
E-mail: trucking@ergon.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ergontrucking/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ergon-trucking-inc

With a fleet of more than 360 trucks, 421 tankers, 220 lease owners, and employing drivers, Ergon Trucking is a leading trucking company in the US. They offer safe and reliable transportation of critical items ensuring timely delivery.

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