Merritt Trailers, Inc. Company Information

Established in Denver, Colorado, Merritt trailers have also opened a brand new full-service branch operation in Fremont at Nebraska. As a Company, it could meet any demand of sales, service, and spare parts. Located throughout the United States and Canada, commodity and Gooseneck dealers run their network successfully and the company has many satisfied customers. The Company has published its factory locations on its web in addition to all the relevant contact information. he Company’s services and products range is large. Besides this, it is dedicated to creating quality designs and excellent construction of trucks.

Established in 1951, Merritt Trailers began as a family-owned business to cater to the needs of agricultural and transportation needs. As of today, the Company is the prominent manufacturer of Livestock, commodity, and gooseneck trailers. The Company also operates in the trailer market, offer its service along with parts supplier.

Services available

1) Livestock – The Merritt trailers have expertise in the transportation of livestock.  As a Company, it has the full capacity to carry cattle without any difficulty. It takes care of the fact that no harm happens to the livestock during transit.

2) Gooseneck trailers –  The Company also provides gooseneck trailers as those give the best stability during transportation. The Company has a number of clients, asking for the service of such trailers.

3) Commodity service–  Besides the above two services, the company also gives services for transportation of commodity by trailers. It could carry all types of commodities by trailers.

4) New trailers parts

5) Equipment

6) Suspension

7) DOT Inspections

8) Parts Store

9) Fleet Maintenance

10) Brakes & Air

Annual Revenue

Last known yearly revenue: $18.8M

Revenue Comparision

  • Kaufman: $57M
  • Wilson Trailor Company: $340M
  • Cottrell Inc: $61M
  • Universal trailer Corporation: $750M
  • Ifor Williams trailer Ltd: $30M

How to apply for a job?

Time to time Sunset open vacancy for several truck driver jobs, if you are interested to apply then you can check this link: or you can call on this Number: 800-634-3036.

Quick Overview of Merritt Trailers, Inc.

Headquarter: 9339 Brighton Road,  Henderson, CO 80640-8229
Opening Year: 2015
CEO: Taylor Merritt
VP: Jim McMaster
Total Employee: 200 to 500
Company Type: Transportation, Trucking, Railroad
Facebook review 3.9/5 out of 13
Phone: 303-289-2286
Fax: 303-288-6127

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