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Just provide the Concord Transport Tracking number for an online track and trace to find the shipment status of trucking, cargo, and container. The Concord Transport started their business in 1973 and operating in the Greater Toronto Area. Having modified themselves over the years to suit the needs of their client better, Concord Transport now focuses on high-value LTL shipping. Apart from having strategic locations spread across the US and Canada, Concord Transport has a network of partners that enables the company to provide total freight carrying service across North America.


Concord Transport has been associated with TFI International since August 2011. TFI International is the largest transport provider in Canada and is also counted among the top 10 hire carriers in all of North America. Booking a consignment with Concord Transport brings with it certain advantages which are-

  • Receiving personal attention and a high level of service from a carrier specializing in cross border LTL shipping.
  • Getting the advantage of excellent resources, an efficient administration, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, and stable service gaining access to North America’s largest transportation network.

Concord Transport has able partners in SAIA and A. Duie Pyle which are themselves ranked among the USA’s top 100 carriers. The wide network that Concord has enables the company to offer daily expedited departures covering key locations spread across the US and Canada.

Services Offered by Concord Transport

Cross Border LTL: Concord Transport is one of the leading expedited carriers among the ones that connect Canada and the USA. This has been the core area of focus at the company ever since they started and still remains their major strength offering the customers the greatest value.

The route between Chicago and Toronto is one of the company’s shorter haul lanes where it provides expedited dedicated overnight LTL service. They are specialists in transporting shipments of high value that call for expert handling and expedited delivery.

Consolidation and Deconsolidation

Apart from the excellent high-value LTL shipping services that Concord Transport offers, the company also offers some value-added services their customers can take advantage of which can benefit their supply chains. These are-

  • Consolidation of the vendor at the origin to the final delivery with the big box retailer
  • Deconsolidation once the destination is reached
  • Transferring sea containers enabling over the road furtherance
  • For time-sensitive shipments, time-release programs are made


Concord Transport helps simplify the supply chain with their logistics arm which helps reduce the number of carriers a customer may need. This comes as an added value outside the company’s expedited LTL service, the core area of its operations. They have a team of experts to handle the logistics arm of the company.

Concord Transport Consignment Tracking

In order to track the shipment sent by Concord Transport, one must have the consignment number. As of now, the option for track a consignment on the Concord Transport website is a bit complicated due to the flash tool requirement. When a consignment is booked with them, the customer is given a consignment number.

All you have to do is to give a call to the customer service of Concord Transport, here are the steps:

  • Call Customer care of Concord Transport at 416-679-7400
  • Provide the consignment number
  • They will provide the updated shipment status over the phone.

Headquarters Location:

96 Disco Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1M2, Canada

Customer Support:

For any complaint or to know the shipment status, one can call or send an email to Concord customer care department and they will update:

Email Id:
Phone Number: (416)679-7400

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