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“Quality” and “service” find the highest places in the missions of DATS Trucking service. The Company has forever worked hard to give the less-than-truckload services to important places in America like Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. To make its good service better, it has made the regional carriers its partners to provide only the best type of premium service to other important cities in America like California, Oregon, and Washington. Over the years, the number of its loyal customers has continued to grow. Although in the beginning, it had only one tractor and trailer, it has now 250 power units and 850 trailers.

Dats Trucking Inc

Services available

Regional Less-than-truckload: As of now, it has now become one of the most outstanding givers of quality motor freight service to the Western part of United States of America. As it has always functioned with customer-focused service motto, it has grown from strength to strength and achieved outstanding success in the market.

DATS Definite service: DATS Definite service provides guaranteed delivery service within prescribed service standards. The delivery services take place by Noon or by 5:00 P.M. This service is available to every direct service point in the United States in the service area.

Pool distribution:  DATS serves all the retail and wholesale markets as its dedicated market services are available at many service locations. It offers service oriented alternatives to conventional long-haul markets.

Track Dats Trucking Online

Customer can use tracking system to know the current shipment status of the Dats Trucking. All you need is the PRO Number in order to track-trace the trucking.

  • Mention your “PRO number” in the “shipment tracking” box on the left side of the web-page.
  • Click on “Trace” button above.
  • You would get the exact status of your pending consignment in transit along with Status, Date, Origin and Destination Terminal.

Web Portal to Track

The DATS Trucking Inc also developed its portal for their customers. You can simply login to the web portal and check your consignment status using track and trace option.

  • Log on to your registered account here
  • Go to your page by using your user-ID and password.
  • You would get the right status of your consignments in transit from there.

You can also send an email to the customer service of DATS Trucking at customer.service@datstrucking.com. Mention your PRO number in the email and request them to update about the shipment status. The DATS team will  update you in 2-3 working days.

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