Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday?

Wondering whether FedEx does deliver the goods on Saturday or Sunday? Read this….. FedEx is a global giant in the field of courier & shipment delivery. It is present in over 200 nations and delivers packages to almost every corner of the world. It delivered close to 7.1 million packages worldwide every day in 2022.

Headquartered in Memphis, USA, FedEx has consistently redefined the service delivery standards in the global courier industry. It is an example and an idol for all the delivery companies worldwide. In 2020, the company earned almost $17.4 billion (source). FedEx is an integral part of American culture and folklore. It is a key sponsor of various football teams and rugby tournaments.

FedEx was among the earliest package delivery companies to start a tracking service. This increased their customer service levels to a large extent and enhanced customers’ trust in the company. FedEx was also an early mover when it came to shipping hazardous and dangerous items across international borders. These value-added services, coupled with the company’s premium level customer service, have contributed towards FedEx being in the dominant position globally in the courier and package delivery industry.

In this year 2021, the FedEx announced that they will deliver on Sunday and also offer Pickup services as well.

Does fedex deliver on sundays

Weekend Delivery Services

A large number of people around the world order a variety of stuff online nowadays. And they would prefer to receive these goods on a Saturday or Sunday when they are at home. But most of the courier companies, big and small, did not do weekend deliveries – and especially not on Sundays. And FedEx was no exception. This was causing a fair amount of discontent among customers far and wide.

To add to the concern of courier companies, big shots like Amazon & Walmart are offering same-day & next-day delivery services. This is creating a gap in the service area of FedEx. To address this concern and to fight this competition, FedEx began pickup and delivery on weekends.

Saturday Delivery Services

FedEx offers reliable pickup and delivery services on Saturdays. The consignor needs to contact the nearest FedEx office that will pack and/or collect the shipment. The shipment can also be dropped off in a FedEx Express Dropbox.

Sunday Delivery Services 

In keeping with the demands of a huge number of its customers, FedEx made an announcement in May 2019 that it would initiate Sunday delivery. This came as a relief to its customers worldwide. The deliveries on Sundays would be made to both commercials as well as residential establishments.

And not only delivery – FedEx would also be doing pickups on Sunday. Nowadays, many organizations work on all days of the week in order to meet production deadlines. These companies would be immensely benefitted from the Sunday pickup services as it would help the products to reach the customers even the next day (depending on the location).

Types of FedEx Weekend Delivery Services

There are various categories of weekend delivery services that FedEx provides. They are:

  • FedEx Priority – in many areas of the US, the company delivers the package between 1:30 p.m. & 4:30 p.m., guaranteed.
  • FedEx Ground – this is the path-breaking service that FedEx introduced. Initially to fulfill the demands during peak season delivery, FedEx Ground increased its service ambit to include Sunday deliveries round the year. Through this particular service, FedEx experienced a surge in shipment bookings in 2019 & 2020.
  • FedEx Home Delivery – this is the Saturday delivery service of FedEx. The company doesn’t charge anything extra for providing this service.
  • FedEx Same Day – be it a Saturday or Sunday, you can rest assured that your package will reach the consignee on the same day of dispatch.
  • FedEx Smart Post – the package would reach any location in the 50 states of the US on the same day of sending the shipment. If it reaches on a weekday and you are the consignee, you can also collect the shipment on a weekend as per your convenience. The package will remain safe & sound at the local FedEx office.

Certain Features of Sunday Delivery

  • Delivery time is between 9:00 a.m. & 8:00 p.m.
  • Almost 200 million consignees receive the benefit.
  • The service is available in close to 8,000 cities and towns of the US
  • No additional charges are payable for domestic Sunday deliveries. However, certain other services like FedEx Express, FedEx Priority, FedEx Priority Overnight, FedEx First Overnight, etc. do Saturday & Sunday deliveries at extra charges.

For a long time, FedEx has been the premier package delivery service provider globally. It has achieved many distinctions, multiple awards, and has set different benchmarks in service delivery on a consistent basis. it has been the subject of various case studies related to prompt service, leveraging technology for better tracking and delivery, and sensitivity towards customer needs. The cap that FedEx wears has many feathers in it.

And the latest feather in that cap is the Sunday Delivery service. This has reinforced the trust that customers had in their minds about the company and ensured that they remain with FedEx and not shift to a competitor.

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