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Dugan Truck  Line was initially started by one man and a single truck. Initially, it began serving only a few of Kansas Towns but gradually, this small Company became a huge Midwest carrier.  Later on, in 1988, this Company was sold to TNT and again in 2006, Dugan Truck Line was restarted by both the sons of the original owner- John E. Dugan. Combining its large fleet of trucks with state-of-the-art technology, the Company operates with the best technology and manpower. As the Company keeps its staff always motivated, the dedicated manpower has always made a difference with their skills and teamwork.

Services Offering

Less-than-truckload service –  The Company always connects the Midwest by its remarkable less-than-truckload (LTL) service. The reliable and on-time delivery service through LTL service makes the Company a giant in this field.

Pallet/Skid shipping – The Company also gives specialist’s services in Pallet and skid shipping. The Company has highly trained staff to handle all such delicate products.

Liftgate capabilities – The Company offers lift-gate services, which is a flood away metal platform that mounts to the back of the dry van trailer or a freight truck. It could lift as a platform to lift freight from ground level and it could take it up to the bed of the trailer.

Hazardous material handling and compliance – The trucking giant also has the capability to handle hazardous materials and comply with the legal procedure and procedure for their shifting to distant places.

Freight consolidation or pooling – With the help of 3rd party logistics, the Company could perform freight consolidation or pooling.  By usual freight consolidation, the Company generally bundles the freight in a truckload before heading the consignment for a common receiver. By means of pool distribution method, the Company ships the orders to a centralized location, where it could get transported through a shorter transit for arrival at the final destination.

Distribution (Cross-deck) – The Company could also take care of the distribution of cargo strategically at places. By cross-dock distribution method, it could efficiently distribute at various places. By employing technology and management, the Company could really make a difference in the distribution process.

Tracking your Dugan Truck Line Online

The Dugan Truck Line has it own tracking system that can be used to check the shipment status. Use BOL, Carrier Pro number to track your shipment in real time.

  1. Enter your PRO, BOL, Carrier PRO, or PO number
  2. You would get the exact status of your cargo in transit.
Order Number    

Call Customer Support to Track

Another way to check the shipment status is to give the call to the customer services of Dugan Truck Line, provide the PRO or PRO number and ask them to provide the latest update.

  1. Call to the 800-495-0014 or 316-616-9379
  2. Provide your PRO number to the customer support team.
  3. They will provide an up-to-date status of your goods.

Headquarter Address:

7220, 7222 & 7224 W. Maple St.
Wichita, KS 67209

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