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After making a humble beginning in 1946 as Express Transport Pvt. Ltd. there’s been no looking back for this company. With a rapid expansion in their business, Express Transport Pvt. Ltd. was rechristened as Express Global Logistics Limited in May 2012. The company is committed to extending fast, reliable, and smart logistics support for imports and exports.

Express Global Logistics Limited

Express Global Logistics Limited is known for its professionalism and the company has shown constant improvement in its operations. They have earned a reputation for delivering freight on time with well-qualified professionals making intricate plans for the smooth flow of the freight. The company is a wonderful blend of youth and experience. While the young has ushered in the latest technology, the experienced enrich the organization with their knowledge.

Services Offered by Express Global Logistics Limited

The major services offered by Express Global Logistics Limited are-

  • Project Cargo Handling: Express Global Logistics Limited has stood out over the years for the quality project cargo handling services it offers. They have an attention for detail and coupled with efficient paperwork and expert handling of cargo with trained professionals, Express Global is an established name in project cargo handling.
  • Chartering Services: Express Global is at the forefront of offering chartering services. They have a vast network of brokers and owners and they always choose the perfect vessel for their clients. Their service extends from the sourcing of the vessel right to on-site supervision at the port where the freight is being discharged for a perfect door-to-door chartering experience.
  • General Cargo Handling: Express Global Logistics handles the entire gamut of cargo handling, from freight forwarding via sea, air, or rail to customs clearance and delivery at the destination. They also offer very efficient customs clearance services having a team of experts on the job. They also offer smooth multimodal transport.
  • Warehousing/3PL: Express Global Logistics is renowned for its excellent 3PL services that have streamlined supply chain management for many of its clients. They optimize supply chain management using the latest technology that helps the business reach the market much more smoothly while saving costs at the same time.
  • Liquid Transportation: With a fleet of ISO-approved tank containers and trucks that come fitted with sturdy tankers, Express Global Logistics offers safe transportation for a variety of liquid products. The company has gained rich experience in transporting liquid safely over the years. They are into supplying tankers and other transport equipment in bulk on a contractual basis.

Why Choose Express Global Logistics Limited?

There are good reasons why you should choose Express Global Logistics. These are-

  • Reliable service
  • Efficiency
  • Timely delivery
  • Reputation
  • Competitive rates
  • Expert staff
  • Excellent tracking service
  • Expert staff
  • Superior customer service
  • Implementation of the latest technology
  • Rich experience in the field

Express Global Logistics has earned the trust of its clients extending consistently reliable service. It has not only met the expectations of its clients, but it has also surpassed them.

Tracking Express Global Logistics

Once the goods are handed over it to the Express Global Logistics then it can be track and trace using the reference number. All you have to do is to give a call to the customer care of Express Global at +91 22 6633 9833, provide your reference number and they will help you to trace the delivery status..

Express Global Head Office Address

Kulkarni Patil Bhavan,
2nd Floor, 14 Murzban Road, Fort,
Mumbai-400 001

Customer Support

Express Global Logistics has its own customer support that is available over the phone and email:

Fax Number: +91 22 6633 9833
Phone Number: +91 22 66339898
Email id:

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