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The Fastenal Company USA listed old and used ram trucks for sale. Interested customer can contact them for a personal truck or a fleet. Since 1967, Fastenal has traveled through a really long road in the transportation industry over these 51 years. The company has gradually evolved, grown and improved its approach to become one among the top participants of the industry. The entire manpower at Fastenal continuously tries to confirm and improve the standards of integrity, innovation and customer satisfaction. The sum of all these tireless efforts has made Fastenal a reliable and trustworthy brand, be it for their services or sales.

Fastenal Company

Why Fastenal?

There is a wide and strong customer base that depends on Fastenal when it comes to buying a pre-used truck. The entire customer base that Fastenal has built over these years’ trusts’ it blindfolded for its transportation service and also when buying a used truck. Fastenal trucks are regularly repaired, duly maintained, and carefully driven to ensure they are retained in their best form.

A proper summarization of what Fastenal is today can be expressed through the following:

  • Fastenal is spread over 24 countries with an enormous count of 2383 branches.
  • The organization boasts about traveling about 143 million miles, to deliver around 834 million pounds of material.
  • The organization has processed about 37,641,814 orders with nearly $1.1 Billion inventory value.
  • Fastenal employs 20,565 happy employees.
  • The organization is acclaimed for organizing more than 127,000 employee training, safety coaching and inspection events.

With undisputed documentation and ownership, the vehicle that is bought from Fastenal is usually at the best market price and in the best market form. To check what you hear about Fastenal get in touch their team that manages the Fastenal trucks for sale.

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The Trucks that Fastenal Company Deal in include:

Fastenal Company Used ram trucks for sale

Be it a personal truck or a fleet truck, Fastenal sells all of it with convenient and comfortable financing options.  The technicalities can be stated as:

  • 5-speed automatic transmission.
  • Engine options with 4.7 and 5.7 HEMI.
  • Well maintained and low mileage vehicles.
  • If the truck is under 3 years and has traveled less than 36,000 miles the same is sold with Factory warranty.
  • Vehicles are available with 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton capacity.
  • SLT package with power windows, power locks, cruise, a/c, tilt, rear sliding window, and bed liners

How to contact Fastenal Company for Used Trucks?

If you wish to buy a well-maintained used truck in it’s best form and price, contact the Corporate Fleet Office of Fastenal through an e-mail or Call at 507-453-8063 stating your needs, specifications and other significant details.

Fastenal deals in multiple varieties of personal and fleet trucks. You can get the details of all the deals by visiting the Corporate fleet office. The Fastenal online portal allows you to look through the deals available and filter the same by state.

Fastenal Company
2001 Theurer Blvd.
Winona, Minnesota 55987
Phone: (507) 454-5374

Contact: Corporate Fleet Office
Phone: 507-453-8063

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