Top 10 Trucking Companies in Fort Worth, TX

Trucking companies are an indispensable component of any economy. They help to transport raw materials to the manufacturers and the finished products to the domestic markets and to the ports for exports. They are the backbones of every nation. They work 24 x 7 x 365 tirelessly, providing prompt and reliable service, braving rains, storms, snow, etc.

Leading trucking companies in Fort Worth, Texas

Benefits of Transportation by Trucks

  • Ideal for providing door-to-door transportation
  • Among the cheapest modes of transporting goods for mid-level distances
  • Fastest delivery after air transportation
  • The inherent flexibility in service provision

The Trucking Industry in Fort Worth, TX

The trucking industry is on boom not only in Fort Worth but in the entire U.S. The market is valued at close to $800bn. Most of the trucking companies carry three types of load – Full Truckload (FTL), Less-than-truckload (LTL), and couriers. When the entire container is filled with the cargo of only one shipper, it is called FTL. When the container is filled with smaller quantities of cargo from different shippers, then each shipper’s cargo is termed as LTL. For smaller packages, the courier is the method used to transport.

Employment Prospects 

There are several trucking company jobs available in Fort Worth, Tx. Currently, close to 9,00,000 drivers are employed with the industry in the U.S. However, there is room for more as the industry is short of drivers. This is a good time for qualified and able drivers to find jobs as truck drivers.

Of course, a truck driver’s job is not a bed of roses. Truck drivers need to spend long hours from home, driving across the interstate highways for long stretches of time. More often than not, their truck is their home. However, on the flip side, their pay is quite good along with the bonuses. And after a certain time, many truck drivers become entrepreneurs and start their own organizations. There is room for many players here.

The Business Scenario in Texas

Texas has a thriving industrial setup that is among the largest in the U.S. It produces goods for exports to the tune of more than $300bn. Manufacturing, agriculture, and energy are some of the best performing sectors here. Oil and gas play a crucial role in the economy of Texas. Exploration and drilling for petroleum are among the primary industrial activities in Texas. Over the years, renewable energy like wind power has also achieved a significant position here.

Hi-tech sectors like the manufacturing of IT products, aerospace components, defense equipment, etc. also play an important role in the Texan economy. Agriculture is also big here, with Texas being a leading producer of crops like sugarcane, wheat, rice, etc. Beef and dairy are the other big industries here.

With so much economic activity happening, it’s understood how big a role the trucking industry plays in the state. There are a large number of trucking companies operating here, working round-the-clock to reach raw materials to the businesses, and finished products to the markets.

Here is the list of leading Fort Worth Trucking Companies where you can apply for a job or hire them for truck shipping related services.

1) Lone Star Transportation, LLC

Lone Star is one of the premier trucking companies in Forth Worth.  It provides excellent services across the North American continent. Its experienced team of drivers is competent to transport any and every variety of cargo – on time and in the perfect condition.

Phone: +1 800-541-8271

2) Continental Express

Continental Express is a leading provider of trucking services across the country since 1984. It provides FTL & LTL services through its fleet of more than 1200 trucks and trailers and 500+ qualified and dedicated drivers. The excellent service team also ensures that the customers stay constantly updated about the status of their shipment.

Phone: +1 937-497-2100

3) First Choice Transport

It began as a one-room, home-based transportation service in 2001. Today, with almost 100 staff members and a sizeable fleet strength, the company provides reliable FTL, LTL, warehousing, and brokerage services across a large part of the U.S.

Phone: +1 817-244-2925

4) Wagner Logistics

The company has been in service for the last 74 years. The wealth of experience that it has gathered over the years helps the company to provide the best services by sensitizing itself to the customers’ requirements. Irrespective of the size of the shipment, it treats every customer’s cargo with the due care and respect that it deserves.

Phone: +1 800-817-1264

5) Raider Express

This family-owned enterprise is a trusted name among the trucking service providers of the country. Through its team of highly qualified drivers, the company provides excellent transportation services over a large part of the U.S., focusing more on the mid-west.

Phone: +1 817-529-5800

6) Central Transport

With its large number of new and high-quality trucks & trailers, Central Transport is a premium trucking service provider across the U.S. and Canada. Central Transport drivers are among the best in the industry and they ensure that timely delivery is something that happens by default. Technology plays a big role in the company to make the services more friendly and responsive to customers.

Phone: +1 586-467-1900

7) Bulkmatic Transport Co

Bulkmatic is the no. 1 dry bulk carrier of the U.S.  Its team of expert drivers and back-end service professionals are instrumental in providing high-quality transportation services across the U.S. and Mexico. It has over 55 terminals across the country. The services include trucking, trans-loading, and warehousing.

Phone: +1 817-740-9950

8) Central Freight Lines, Inc.

For over 90 years, the company has been among the top trucking service providers of the country. It provides services all over the continent, transporting both hazardous and non-hazardous cargo. With its network of 80 terminals, it is capable of providing on-time service delivery.

Phone: +1 800-782-5036

9) Refrigerated Transport Inc.

This family-owned concern has been providing specialized refrigerated trucking services since 1947. It carries both FTL & LTL cargo. Additionally, it also provides cross-dock and storage services. It serves a major part of the U.S. and has built up a reputation for itself over the years as a most reliable transportation service provider.

Phone: +1 817-652-4766

10) Blakeman Transportation Inc.

For more than 30 years, Blakeman Transportation has been at the forefront of providing top-quality trucking services. It provides FTL, LTL, intermodal transportation, and warehousing storage & handling services. Integrity, honesty, and morals are the driving forces behind the company’s success.

Phone: +1 -817-626-3400

List of Top 10 Trucking Companies in Fort Worth, TX

Sl. No. Company Name & Detail Website
1  Lone Star Transportation, LLC

Address: 1100 Northway Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76131, United States
Phone: +1 800-541-8271
2 Continental Express

Address: 4601 Blue Mound Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76106, United States
Phone: +1 937-497-2100
3 First Choice Transport

Address: 1346 Markum Ranch Rd E #1722, Fort Worth, TX 76126, United States
Phone: +1 817-244-2925
4 Wagner Logistics

Address: 5180 N Railhead Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76131, United States
Phone: +1 800-817-1264
5  Raider Express

Address: 2400 Cold Springs Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76106, United States
Phone: +1 817-529-5800
6 Central Transport

Address: 4601 Carey St, Fort Worth, TX 76119, United States
Phone: +1 586-467-1900
7  Bulkmatic Transport Co

Address: 1500 Northeast Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76106, United States
Phone: +1 817-740-9950
8  Central Freight Lines, Inc.

Address: 5200 E Loop 820 S, Fort Worth, TX 76119, United States
Phone: +1 800-782-5036
9 Refrigerated Transport Inc

Address: 1101 NE 23rd St, Fort Worth, TX 76106, United States
Phone: +1 817-652-4766


10 Blakeman Transportation Inc

Address: 2350 Cold Springs Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76106, United States
Phone: +1 -817-626-3400

Whichever trucking company you choose, make sure to do some own research. Although I tried our best to list the only top players, if you know any other company that is based in Fort Worth, then do let me know.

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