Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the U.S. declared that in the year 2016, 34,436 crashes had taken place with a toll of 37,461 human lives.  On average, 102 persons die every day in different road accidents. Truck accidents form the majority in deaths from accidental deaths. The results are always severe when big sized trucks hit smaller motor vehicles. Such accidents also result in the serious injury of the victims, who get lifelong disability. An injured person in a truck accident needs legal counseling from an experienced truck accident attorney.

Georgia truck accident lawyer

The experienced lawyer has the right knack to make a complete examination and analysis of the facts that led to the incident of an accident. He/She could give full guidance as to what is needed to protect every piece of evidence.  Such consultation could highlight fully the rights of the injured to get compensation.

Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Georgia

Truck Accidents in Georgia

What causes catastrophic truck accidents in Georgia? Let’s know about some of the causes mentioned below;

  1. Negligence of driver- It depends mostly on the driver of the truck. If he/she is drunk, it could lead to disaster on the road. It could be the recklessness of the driver in a truck, which makes the big vehicle go out of control.
  2. Bad maintenance of the truck- If the truck is not in a shape due to poor maintenance snags in the engine and poor conditions of the wheels could cause accidents.
  3. Rough weather condition- When the weather is rough, accidents could occur due to a cyclone, hurricane, or downpour.
  4. Road construction- From time to time, authorities take up the construction of new roads and undertake to repair the damaged roads. In such situations, the driver in the truck might miss the signals and take the wrong side to cause an accident.
  5. Heavy traffic- When there is heavy traffic, freak accidents take place due to the mistake of the driver of the truck.
  6. Distraction in driving- As trucks are heavy vehicles, distractions in the road could cause serious accidents. The driver might run over a person, who is trying to cross the road in a hurry.
  7. Driver’s tiredness- If the driver is tired due to long driving hours, then serious accidents could occur during driving. Drivers, feeling sleepy during driving, could cause serious accidents.
  8. Careless driving- Over-confidence in the driving of the truck driver could become the cause of an accident.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accidents could cause severe or minor injuries, including death and lifelong disabilities. Some of them are as follows;

Death – The victim in the accident might succumb to physical injuries. His death could bring disaster for his family.

Fractures in the bones –  The accidents could cause multiple fractures in the bodies of the victims. The severity of the fractures is painful and takes a long time to heal.

Brain and head injuries – Head injuries are really fatal. It could cause a concussion in the brain of the victim. Gradually, such injuries bring various disorders in the brain.

Amputation of the limbs – Due to the severe impact of accidents, the doctors might do amputation of the important limbs in the bodies of the victims.

Burns – The speeding heavy trucks could hit any smaller vehicle and set it on fire. As a result, the persons inside the smaller vehicle could sustain minor and severe burns.

Internal injuries – When there is a crash on the road, the victims might sustain internal injuries like damage to the pancreas, kidney, liver, and spleen. Treatment of such injuries is really tough and expensive.

Wounds – The accidents could cause severe cuts and bleeding. Such wounds do not heal and could inflict permanent wounds. 

What’s needed after a Georgia truck accident?

The consequences of a truck accident are disastrous and could take a heavy toll on the family of the victim. It is always imperative that you take some steps after the accident takes place. First of all, you need medical attention and then many every attempt to save precious evidence that could lead to the fulfillment of your claims for personal compensation from the person responsible for injuries and damage.

Police arrest truck in Georgia

Let’s know about the steps one-by-one:

  1. Inform the Police – It is vital that you report to the Police about your accident. Despite the fact that the police do not have faith in what you say, submission of a written report about the accident is absolutely mandatory. As it contains all the relevant facts about insurance coverage, availability of physical evidence, and probable reasons for why the accident occurred.
  2. Find medical attention – Commercial trucks are formidable vehicles and those could cause high damage to the SUVs or any type of vehicle, when they hit. So the first priority is you need to find medical attention. It happens in certain cases that injuries remain internal and manifest after a period, it is really important you go through a complete physical check to know about the harm that the accident has caused to your body.
  3. Call an experienced truck accident attorney – Often, truck accidents are complicated and those have several facets to examine. Usually, there is more than one defendant and disputes arise over the cause of the accident. To add to it, complex legalities in the State and Federal laws make the proceedings more complex. Only an experienced lawyer could guide the victim of the accident to enable him/her to get full compensation without missing any critical legal point.

How to find Compensation for your losses after an accident?

When you have sustained injuries in a truck accident, you deserve to get compensation for your loss. Your damages could range from medical expenditure, loss of remuneration from your employment, physical as well as mental suffering. Besides these, there could be unforeseen expenditures due to the accident.

Only experienced attorneys could take care of such truck accident cases as they understand the nature of such severe damages that could paralyze you for your entire life. The law firm of Georgia has handled many such cases and compensated the victims for their losses.

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