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The Globeflight Group is a courier service provider in South Africa that was set up in 1998. They have an excellent track record and are known for their reliable and friendly service. They serve a whole range of delivery needs right from express same day deliveries to overnight logistics, both local and international on road or by air. They operate from 29 branches, local as well as international.

Globe flight

They have a fleet of as many as 420 vehicles that ship 329,000 deliveries on an average every month offering courier services that run 27×7 all 365 days a year. Globeflight has implemented state-of-the-art technology to build a fleet with fully integrated IT systems enabling instant tracking. Globeflight has also acquired ISO 9001 accreditation which stands as testimony to the good service they provide.

Globeflight has its international offices in England, Swaziland and Kenya. Its domestic offices are spread across South Africa in 18 cities that include all the major ones like Capetown, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Kimberley, and East London. The network of branches gives Globeflight a wide reach over a large area through which it provides efficient and timely courier service.

The Services Offered by Globeflight

Globeflight offers a range of services, domestic, international and special services.

Domestic Services: This is meant for prompt delivery covering their 17 branches in South Africa. There are various categories like Sameday Express for extremely urgent deliveries for which the customers are willing to pay higher amounts, Dawn Delivery for urgent deliveries, Overnight Courier Express for time-sensitive lightweight items and more.

International Services: Globeflight offers its international services across its network spread over 220 countries. These services include International Courier Exports meant for documents only, International Courier Imports meant for documents again and International Air Freight, both imports and exports for shipments above 30 kilograms.

Special Services: This is for shipments that need customized solutions with varying delivery schedules, both urgent and non-urgent.

How to Track Tracking Globeflight Courier

Tracking any shipment booked with Globeflight Courier is a simple and hassle-free process involving only a few simple steps.

Enter Globeflight Courier Tracking Number

  • Choose the Globeflight from the drop-down menu
  • Enter the tracking number without any space
  • Click on the Track button
  • You a real-time update on the status of your shipment.

You may also call the customer care of Globeflight Courier Service at (011) 922-2600, provide your tracking number over the phone and they will let you know the delivery status.

Headquarter Address:

Globeflight Courier
74 Lascalles Road,
Meadowbrooke Industrial,
Germiston, Johannesburg

Customer Support

Use the contact number of Globeflight for any new booking or complaint. You may contact customer service over the phone or email:

Telephone Number: (011) 922-2600
Email Id:,

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