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From time immemorial, the shipping of goods has taken place on railroads. But it was the Hub group that literally shaped the destiny of rail shipping with its trailers in the year 1954. Today Hub Group tracking option is available to check the shipment status. Famous as piggybacking, this entirely new form of shipping used the technique of loading the trailers with goods onto the flatcars. The genius of Hub group founder- Phil Yeager- had hit upon this innovative idea, which later on went on to become intermodal logistics. In its more than a quarter-century existence, the company has contributed richly to the logistics industry and it has the recognition of being the pioneer of the logistics industry in the entire world.

Hub Group

Services available

Intermodal services –  As the Company has tens of thousands of containers in extremely well-maintained forms, the Company has more than 47 years of time-tested existence. With a task force of about 2500 extremely skilled drivers and many more full-time intermodal professionals, the Company has collective industry experience that covers over a full millennium. As its strategy is extremely innovative, it is also extremely effective. Being a model with access to almost a fleet of more than 37000 of its own 53 feet long freight containers and 90,300 rail assets, it is distinguished for carrying the intermodal logistics to the rest of the world.

Truck brokerage –  The Company has a full-fledged network of contracted trucks and drivers for moving cargoes throughout the nation. On average, the Company makes highway business worth a dollar of $484 million. It has in its possession more than 20000 carriers, making sure that the clients get the right type of carrier.

Expedited –  Whenever you need speedier transportation or one-time service for emergency freight, Hub group could customize solutions to meet their needs. The expedited services are designed after speedier transit times with exclusively used equipment. A critical solution is another type of service to protect the client’s equipment is scheduled for deliveries within a specific timeframe. In order to add network precision and power to supply-chain management, critical window service is quite helpful.

Less-than-truckload (LTL) – Hub group has excellent less-than-truckload (LTL) to move your cargo.  Making use of a single-source solution to relieve the clients of administrative burdens, the Company gives excellent market leverage. To add to it, it maintains an excellent relationship with every national and regional provider.

Regional Trucking –   The Company has an asset-based over-the-road service, which makes use of an established network with excellent safety standards, supported by sophisticated technology. The Company has the most flexible service offerings and onboard tracking and tracing systems.

How to Track Hub Group?

To check the live shipment status of your goods, you can simply log into the portal using a valid ID and Password. For that, you will have to access the Hub Group Trucking Portal here. If you are not able to access the portal then you may call customer service at 1-877-770-9250 and they will guide you.

Hub Group customer portal

  1. Go to the portal website
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Once you enter your registered account, you could easily get the status of your pending consignment of cargo in transit.

Otherwise, you can call customer care at 800.377.5833 for tracking the Hub Group shipment status and they will let you know the current shipment status.

Headquarter Address

Oak Brook, Illinois, United States

Customer Support

Sales Support

Phone Number: 800.377.5833
Email id:
For Accounts: 800.332.4821

Hub Group Trucking Driver Recruiting

Phone Number: 800.846.0024
Email id:

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