Top Intermodal Transportation Companies in 2023

After several research, we bring the 25 best intermodal transportation Companies here.  Every day, millions of tonnes of cargo get shipped all across the world. From between cities to between continents, cargo transportation involves several hundred thousand people in every sphere of the activity. However, quite often, it is not possible for a single model of a carrier to complete the entire transportation process. This is where intermodal transportation comes into the picture.

Definition of Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal transportation is the process whereby more than one mode of carrier or transport provides its services to complete the entire shipment process. The modes can be across land, land and sea, land and air, across the sea, etc.

Let’s take an example. A trucking company sends across an empty container to a shipper’s factory. The shipper loads the goods in the container, seals it, and loads it on the same truck. That truck might carry the container to a railway loading point where the container would get loaded onto a goods train. The goods train might carry the container to the final consignee. Or, the train or truck can carry it to the seaport or airport. This would mean that the shipment was intended for export.

The ship or aircraft carries it to the seaport/airport of the destination country. There, a goods train and/or a truck deliver the container to the final consignee.

In the above example, we have seen various types of transport being used to carry the product from the shipper to the final consignee. This is a classic case of intermodal shipment. A large number of shipments of this nature are carried out every day all over the globe.

When Does Intermodal Shipment Work Best?

As a shipper, there are certain times when the intermodal transportation process will work the most effectively for you. They are:

  • If the total tonnage of your shipment is in units of under 25 tons
  • If your consignee stays a long distance away (over 1,000 km, e.g.), then it becomes cost-effective and time-saving to use intermodal transportation
  • If your shipments are regular and in similar quantities, then you might consider using the intermodal mode 

Types of Intermodal Transportation Companies

Intermodal transportation companies can be broadly classified into two categories – bi-modal & non-asset. Let’s take a look at their comparative features.

Bi-modal Companies Non-asset Companies
They own the boxes that they use to carry the shipments They obtain the containers that are owned by private container owners or the railways
Much of the dray capacity provided is owned by the companies themselves These companies secure the dray services that are owned by other companies

List of 25 Intermodal Transportation Companies

Sl. No.  Name of  Companies Revenue
1 J.B. Hunt Intermodal $9.165 billion (2019)
2 Hub Group $3.7 billion (2019)
3 XPO Logistics $16.65 billion (2019)
4 Schneider €27.2 billion (2019)
5 Evans Delivery $84.97 million (2019)
6 Swift Intermodal $4.6 billion (2019)
7 IMC Cos. $300 million (2016)
8 RoadOne IntermodaLogistics $1653.4 million
9 ContainerPort Group $167.60 million (2018)
10 Universal Intermodal Services
$381,622 (2021)
11 Forward Air $1.22 billion in (2019)
12 Roadrunner Intermodal Services $22.64 million (2021 )
13 Landstar System $4.13 billion (2020)
14 TCW $207.44 million (2021)
15 Marten Transport $874 million (2020)
16 C&K Holdings
$490,934 million (2021)
17 Duncan and Son Lines $15.87 million (2020)
18 Cowan Systems $635.45 million (2021)
19 Eagle Systems $113.63 million (2018)
20 Canada Drayage $2.20 million
21 Paper Transport $91.32 million (2018)
22 Bison Transport $786 million (2019)
23 Dart Intermodal $71.73 million (2020)
24 TransAmerica Express Logistics $209 billion (2019)
25 Guide Transportation Partners $4.24 million (2021)

Here is the list of top intermodal transportation companies that is explained with an infographic. Feel free to share this image on social media sites for information purpose:

Top intermodal transportation companies

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