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It all started in 1962 when Joel Olson founded the eponymous firm along with his wife, with a single Ford Dump Truck. But though it began small, the couple had a mission – to establish their organization as a premier trucking service provider of the region. They were confident that they had the zeal & the drive required to pull it off.

Joel olson trucking

And they pulled it off, indeed. After almost 5 decades, the Vancouver, Washington-based Joel Olson Trucking (JOT) is a major player in the region. An unwavering focus on customer service contributed to the steady growth of the company. From hauling rocks in a now-extinct Oregon town to becoming a multi-product carrier, the company has covered much ground.

Joel Olson Trucking Pillars

A successful trucking company stands on two unshakable pillars – its drivers and the quality of the trucks that they drive. JOT maintains a very high standard on both counts. The company today maintains a fleet of over 80 trucks that are among the best in their category. To cover the various types of terrains, it is very important that the trucks should be very well-maintained. And JOT leaves no stone unturned in this matter. The trucks are regularly upgraded so that they are at the peak of their capacity at all times. Equipped with the latest driving technology, the trucks ensure that the drivers and the cargo are both safe during the journey.

Joel Olson Trucking

But what are trucks without good drivers? JOT understands this very well and employs only top-class drivers. These drivers have a good years of experience that contributes to the high-performance standards set by JOT. Capable of driving every kind of truck, these drivers negotiate every geography with ease to ensure that no damage is caused to the shippers’ cargo. Regular training adds to their competence.

Areas Served

Upon inception, JOT had primarily been operating in a small corner of Oregon. With time, the founder Joel Olson moved to Washington with his family and set up his company’s base in Vancouver, Washington. With continuous growth, the company began serving a wider area. Today, JOT provides premium quality trucking service across a large part of the Pacific Northwest, covering states like Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and the Canadian province of British Columbia. JOT’s service area also covers parts of California and a few other states in the western USA.

Service Provided by Joel Olson Trucking

The company is capable of carrying cargo as diverse as salt and household items to timber & construction equipment. Trust JOT to carry any & every form of general cargo with commendable expertise. The company is equally adept in hauling forestry material and related equipment.

Additionally, JOT also provides brokerage services and biomass production.

Quick Overview of Joel Olson Trucking

Legal Name: Joel Olson Trucking Inc.
DOT Number: 203680
President and Secretary: Joel Olson & Carole Olson
Vice President Darin Olson (
General Manager Longview Facility: Pat B (
Human Resources: Lana D. (
Establishment: 2007
Total Trucks: 86
Tractors Owned: 81
Trailer Owned: 117
Total Drivers: 47
Employees: 50-205
Revenue (USD): $10 – $100 million (2020-2021)
Power Units: 81
Carrier Operation: Interstate, Intrastate Only (HM), Intrastate Only (Non-HM)
Cargo Carried: General Freight, Household Goods, Liquids/Gases, Machinery, Large Objects Fresh Produce, Paper Products Utilities Agricultural/Farm Supplies Construction Water Well
Headquarter Address: 1615 Northeast 78th Street Mail – PO Box 65940 Vancouver, WA 98665
Longview Division Address: 1040 Columbia Blvd Longview, WA 98632
Telephone Number: 360-425-2415, (360) 694-8610, 1-888-BOXTRUX
Fax: (360) 694-8579

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