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J.W. Logistics is a well-known transportation and logistics service provider and based in Texas.  It was established in 2011. The firm delivers cutting edge technology. With the aid of unique technology and delivery solutions, products reach destinations faster and with improved efficiency. Clients are empowered to become more efficient in their business dealings. The firm’s long term goal is to achieve superior performance through process improvements. In 2018, the company earned annual revenue of 315 million USD. It has featured in the 2015 INC 5000 Honours list of Top Logistics and Transportation companies. In addition, it is also among 4 of Top Texas companies.

JW Logistics

The company is setting milestones in innovation. Technology is a core value here. Due to its cloud-based application, J.W. Logistics is able to provide real-time shipment visibility. Customized tracking features are easily available to clients via desktop or smartphone. Thus, clients can access expedited logistics at any time. The firm is committed to providing exceptional customer service. It is growing at a consistent pace and raising its brand recognition. The company supports regional and national customers throughout the United States. It aims to achieve competence in time-sensitive transportation management.

There is a focus on maintaining driver and vehicular safety apart from drug testing, safety training, inspection, and compliance training. The aim is to inspire corporate and individual excellence, in order to contribute to making a safer and more profitable organization.

JW Logistics aims to provide technology solutions tailored to meet unique customer demands. Soft log technology is used to maintain real-time management through GPS tracking. The firm is committed to improving fuel consumption and Carbon footprint. It is also working to adopt CNG and LNG vehicles.

The company gives the opportunity to new talent to help them build an ambition centric career. There is an emphasis on driver and vehicle safety apart from drug and alcohol testing. Employees can work in specialized positions like owner-operators.

J.W. Logistics aims to adopt safety measures in the implementation of practices and technology. It’s safety standards comply with standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Services offered

  1. Sortation and distribution services( with route optimization and GPS enabled accurate visibility)
  2. Personalized services like Home delivery and assembly( flexible and reliable delivery of products such as cabinets and electronics)
  3. Transportation management (including procedure optimization and freight bill auditing services)
  4. Fleet services( with state of the art technology for routing and planning)

How to Track JW Logistics  Consignment

Once goods are sent then the customer can track JW Logistics by calling on the number  855-598-7267. They can send an e-mail regarding home delivery orders to orderinquiries@jwlogistics.com

Make sure to provide the Reference number to track the shipment, otherwise customer service won’t be able to assist you.

Unique Features

  1. JW Logistics provides a reliable cloud-based solution
  2. Map-based dispatch with real-time visibility and updates
  3. Automatic rating and pricing systems
  4. Regular optimization of routes
  5. Variable cost structure policy to best meet demand variations
  6. Signature capture and barcode scanning facility

Head Quarter Address:

Office No-3801 Parkwood Blvd.
Suite 500
Frisco, TX 75034

JW Logistics Customer Support

For any feedback or complaint, you can call the JW Logistics customer service using the below number.

Phone Number: (855) 598 – 7267
Website: http://jwlogistics.com

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