LSO (Lone Star Overnight) Tracking Online

Are you sending items through LSO and want to track your goods? Use the online track and trace tool that allow to check the shipment delivery status. Lone Star Overnight company has more than 25 years of experience.


An Overview Of LSO

So, why should you select LSO? Lone Star Overnight is a well known transportation company from Austin, TX.  It offers the best shipping experience that money can buy. The company combines the strategy of a standard carrier and the punctuality of any reliable courier. The company offers a greater degree of flexibility than most service providers.

Services Offered By LSO

The company offers its services in places such as New Mexico, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. The company has the lowest record for any damage claim within the industry.

This service provider ensures that your package is sent down a more direct route. This means the packages do not have to go through conveyor belts and are delivered right on time. Also, the company makes sure that your items are delivered in mint condition. The company adopts direct routes in an effort to reduce costs and provide good customer service.

Achievements Of LSO

The company has undergone major expansion recently and it is able to offer its customers very unique shipping services that cover 7 states spanning the southwest and southeast region of North America. The company has a reputation of being the biggest service provider in the southern region of the United States.
What you will really like about the company is that it offers strong customer services, customized shipping solutions. The company offers good value for money. They cater to many different industries and have received positive reviews for their services.

How To Perform LSO Tracking?

Here are some simple steps to track your LSO consignments that are being shipped by this company. Use the tracking number that was provided by LSO at the time of booking your shipment, here are the steps:

  • Get your Tracking number
  • You can enter max 10 number at once
  • Click on Track button
  • Find the latest shipment status on next page
Enter LSO Tracking Number

Tracking using Customer Care Number

You may also call the customer care of LSO at 800-800-8984, provide your tracking number and the support team will provide up-to-date shipment status over the phone itself.

The company had a humble start in the year 1991, and since then it has experienced a lot of growth. Experts have predicted that this company will experience further growth in the coming years. The company has already built a very large customer base, which is ever-expanding thanks to its reliable services.

Tracking using Customer Care

All you need to do is drop the company an email and they will get back to you at the earliest. The representatives in the company maintain a high level of transparency with its customers at all times. They also offer their services at very competitive rates.

LSO Head Quarter Address:

6500 River Pl Blvd,
TX 78730

LSO Customer Support

Phone Number: 866-231-3185
Email id:

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