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Midwest Motor Express is a Transportation company that has embraced innovation as its strongest foundation. The company aims to optimize the transportation process for its clients by making it more transparent and hassle-free. With online services like transportation cost estimation, shipment tracking, Zipcode tracing, etc. the organization brings you all the services you need to streamline the flow of goods into and out of the organization.

MME - Midwest Motor Express

Track online with Midwest Motor Express Tracking

The tracking system developed by Midwest Motor Company simplifies the entire vehicle tracking process and makes it more convenient for users to manage their logistics.

The entire shipment tracking process on Midwest motor Express tracking revolves around the MIDW code that is assigned to every shipment. The code is unique and is the sole medium of keeping track of a particular shipment. In the online portal, the user needs to enter the  MIDW for the particular shipment that is to be tracked.

  • Enter your 8 MIDW pro number 
  • And click on GO
  • It will show the current shipment status on the same page.

The system immediately retrieves and produces all relevant data surrounding the shipment like Pickup date, transit history, and expected delivery. If the package is delivered the system provides the delivery date and time along with a receipt of the delivered item.

Tracking with Mobile and Email

The portal further allows clients to track their shipment over a call and on E-mail. Users can call the customer executives at (701) 223-1880 and provide some basic details about the docket to know every tiny tracking detail.

Moreover, there’s also a customer support team to respond to the client queries received via E-Mail. So proving the basic details like client Name, Docket No., mobile no. etc over aa mail can serve the purpose equally well. To know the shipment and invoice, customer can send an online email to MME here.

MME Customer Support

All you have to fill your Name, Phone Number, Email and mention the tracking number under Message area and click on Send. You can expect a reply in 1-2 business day.

Midwest Motor Express, Inc. Headquarter Address

5015 East Main Avenue
P. O. Box 1058
Bismarck, North Dakota 58502

Other Services

Apart from Shipment tracking the platform provides other services that help and facilitate the client’s logistics management.

  • Rate Estimate: with rate estimate the user can get a quote of the charge it has to incur to ship the goods from source to the destination. The site asks for inputs like source, destination, Goods Description and gives a rate based upon that.
  • Zip Code: If you wish to know the zip code of a particular city you can use this service. On receiving the city name as input the site provides the Zip code of the same.
  • Transit time: Once you provide the details of a shipment’s source and destination, the site can provide you an expected transit time for the shipment.
  • Bill of Lading: one of the most alluring services provided by Midwest Motor is the creation of an online bill of lading. The site takes the details of the shipment from the user and creates a bill of lading making the process easier and smoother.
  • International rate estimate: Apart from domestic shipment cost, the site also provides a user with the estimated cost of an international shipment. The site

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