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Mountain Valley provides the technologically most advanced services.  With the most advanced tracking system, the Company specializes in giving fast, considerate, and reliable services that make deliveries in the fastest possible ways.  The Company has service points in Nevada, California, and Arizona.  Besides this, it also has a service to the entire MVE network.  The Company makes pick-up and delivery management on one screen. The Company also gives real-time tracking and tracing of shipments. As the Company has all the premium services, its clients consider it as the partner-in-progress.  The Company has now the best appreciation for making use of excellent supply-chain technology and logistics management.

Mountain Valley Express

Services available

LTL and Lift-gate technology – When the customers have a less-than-truckload necessity, the clients could take the benefit from the LTL package. Assuredly, the LTL package would not inflict any damage on your cargo in transit and make it reach the destination without any delay.

Merge in transit service – The Company resorts to a unique distribution practice, namely “merge in transit service”. In this, it consolidates different shipments from various suppliers into one final customer delivery. This exceptional distribution method, it does away with the requirement for warehouses for distribution in the supply chain system and permits the customers to receive the complete deliveries at their doorsteps.

Pool distribution service – The Company also helps its clients by consolidating multiple shipments from a shipper from a place of origin. Again it reloads the shipments into smaller, local delivery trucks or vans, and then the shipments get forwarded to their final destination.

Deconsolidation service – It also renders the 3rd party logistics service, known as deconsolidation service.  This service is unique as it gives cost savings and extra speed to the market for retailers by breaking imported containers into small units.  This gets fixed as per their final destination. Deconsolidation has stayed an important component of the distribution process.

Dedicated logistics service – For getting uninterrupted, timely, and round-the-clock logistics service, the Company has introduced technological changes as well as manpower training. Both the changes have brought tremendous time-saving and brought appreciation from the clients.

Track Mountain Valley Express Consignment

Mountain Valley Express has its own delivery tracking tool that allows the customers to check the delivery status. All you need is either the PRO or Internline number to track and trace the Mountain Valley Express shipment.

Mountain Valley Express tracking portal

Here are the steps:

  1. Keep your PRO/Interline number ready
  2. Go to this page here
  3. Enter your PRO/Interline number
  4. Enter your SCAC number.
  5. Click on the “trace” button next.
  6. You would get the updated status of your consignment in transit.

Customers can also track and trace the shipment using the official portal.

Mountain Valley Express portal

The Customer must have a valid User-ID and password. Upon successful login here, the customers would get the updated status of your consignment in transit.

Alternatively, customers can call 800-237-9669 and get the latest update about their shipment.

Head Quarter Address

Office No- 6750 S Longe Street STE 100
Stockton, California 95206

Customer Support

Mountain Valley Express provided its helpline number so that customers can call them. For any new booking or complaint, please call below phone number:

Phone Number: 209-823-2168

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