Mouton Sand & Gravel, LA – Company Overview & Detail

Incorporated in 1967 in Lafayette, Louisiana, Mouton Sand & Gravel is one of the leading suppliers of topsoil in the state. Topsoil has a number of uses. It is used to improve lawns & gardens, and also for grading surfaces near residential properties. Mouton supplies its products to multiple domestic & commercial users, primarily in the state of Louisiana. It also has a fair share of customers in the adjoining states.

Besides supplying topsoil, Mouton Sand & Gravel is also contract hauling. It has several trucks & trailers that it uses to ferry its materials across a fair part of the country. Mouton provides plumbing services as well to residential & commercial establishments. The company earned over $5 million in revenue last year. The staff of 20 work very hard to make sure that the customers have no complaints regarding the product quality & service efficiency.


Mouton is constantly adopting the latest technology for ensuring high product quality. The second-generation, family-owned concern firmly believes that it is a partner in its customers’ growth. Having followed this approach all the while, Mouton’s fortunes are consistently on the rise. And it will be so in the days to come as well.

Company Detail

Year Established: 1967
Known as: Mouton Sand & Gravel
Employees: 17 – 20
No Branches: Single
Total Drivers: 15 Passenger
Carrier Threshold: No
Carrier Operation: Interstate
Revenue $5 Million (last year)

Headquarter Address

3810 Moss St,
LA 70507,
United States

Map of Mouton Sand & Gravel

Customer Support

Mouton Sand & Gravel company has its own customer service number that can be used to get in touch with them for any booking, feedback or complaint related queries:

Phone Number: (337) 235-2391
Fax Number: (337) 235-1679
Email id:

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