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Pantos Logistics is a global logistics firm. It was established in 1977. Its headquarters are in Seoul, South Korea. It is the largest company in Korea providing integrated logistics services. Pantos Logistics developed their own tracking system to provide up-to-date consignment status at one click.  It is also the largest Air cargo export firm in Korea. Pantos consistently aims to deliver customer values, beyond its main logistics business. It uses the marketing tagline ‘Beyond Logistics’.

Pantos Logistics

Pantos Logistics has earned Logistics excellence with its ultra-heavy cargo transport. Goods transported are of miscellaneous categories such as high-tech and electronics, chemicals, industrial machinery, automotive, construction, e-commerce, etc. Presently, it has about 13000 customers and 6,800 Logistics experts. Customers can select ‘carrier optimization’ which provides the option to select the best carrier for a shipment.

Pantos Logistics claims that it can go beyond the impossibility to serve customer requirements.  It has invested in environment-friendly initiatives like Wind Power generation equipment. With the aid of special trailers, it transported wind blades over a distance of 700 miles between Houston to Guymon, Oklahoma in the USA. Thus it has achieved a firm footing in the renewable energy project logistics market.

The Human Resource System at Pantos ensures employee autonomy and creativity. Opportunities are provided to qualified job aspirants from all over the globe. Training programs help in employee skill development. Employees are rewarded for their ability or performance.

Services offered    

  1. Airfreight: Pantos Logistics in the largest Korean logistics firm in the air freight segment, in terms of the trading volume. Air cargo equivalent to 1,100 planes is handled annually.
  2. Rail freight: Pantos Logistics provides inter-modal rail-based transportation service with an annual capacity of 10,000 TEU’s.
  3. Sea freight: 1.3 million TEU of cargo is transported annually.
  4. Pantos Express/e-commerce: It provides accurate and prompt delivery services to about 220 nations.
  5. Warehousing: Enabled by the ePantos Warehousing management system (WMS), Pantos Logistics facilitates optimized inventory management in temperature and humidity-controlled conditions.

Tracking Pantos Logistics Consignment 

Customers can use the online tracker to get tracking history and present status. When the tracking number is entered in the slot provided, the status of the Pantos Logistics consignment gets displayed.

Users can get notifications like Delivered, Exception, In transit, Picked up and others. Else, customers can log in with their unique user id and password.

Unique features

  1. Worldwide presence with 353 networks
  2. Highest trading volume in entire Korea
  3. Ultra heavy cargo transport
  4. Culturing innovation
  5. CSR initiatives like disaster relief campaigns

Pantos Logistics Head Quarter Address

LG Gwanghwamun Building
Office No- 58 Saemunan-RO, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Republic of Korea

Customer Support

For any query related to logistics related or query, customers can contact the Pantos helpline number:

Telephone Number: +82-2-3771-2114
Fax Number: +82-2-3771-2129
E-Commerce(B2C) export: +82-2-3771-2789
E-Commerce(B2C) import: +82-2-3771-2917
Express(B2B) export/import: +82-2-3771-2931
Email Id:,,

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