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More than a century ago, Prostar Trucking made a small beginning as a trucking company – one among the many in the US. Today, it is a premium truck manufacturer in the United States. It manufactures whole trucks and truck parts and also provides a range of trucking services.

Prostar has a robust network of over 1,000 dealers across the US, Canada, Mexico, and also in Brazil. This wide reach gives it a commanding position among the truck manufacturers of the country. The company serves a large number of locations worldwide that gives it the much-needed edge over its competitors.

Prostar Trucking Ranges

Shippers send their goods over various distances. Some may be within a few miles, while others might be across the country, thousands of miles away. So, an effective truck manufacturer needs to have a range of trucks that can cater to all these shipper categories. And Prostar does precisely that. Its range of trucks includes:

Long Haul – Worried about skyrocketing fuel expenses in order to ship your consignment many miles away? Don’t worry. Prostar provides you with trucks equipped with its ES fuel package. This superior technology allows the trucks to perform with a high level of efficiency as they are armed with high-quality aerodynamic technology. By keeping the shipping costs down, these trucks make sure that your profit margin isn’t dented

Local Delivery – You would look to optimize your carriage costs even in shorter distances. And you need the right kind of truck for that. Prostar provides you with the suitable vehicle that makes the best use of technology to bring suitable fuel efficiency even in shorter hauls.

Heavy Haul – So you have a real weighty cargo to deliver? And you are thinking if the truck that you would choose can make it or not? Prostar would put your worries to rest. The immensely powerful Cummins ISX15 engine provides the trucks with the capacity to carry the heaviest cargo smoothly and deliver it in perfect condition.

Industries Served

With its range of powerful trucks, Prostar is in a position to serve almost every industry. A snapshot of these industries are:

  • Construction – crane trucks, concrete mixers, dump trucks
  • Bulk haul – tankers
  • Fire & rescue trucks
  • General freight
  • Municipal trucks
  • Food & beverage carriers
  • Sanitation trucks
  • Special hauling
  • Tow truck
  • Utility services support trucks

With a continued focus on innovation and substantial investment in R & D, Prostar Trucks are poised to grow to newer heights steadily, setting examples for other truck manufacturers across the North American continent.

Quick Overview of Prostar Trucking

Legal Name: Prostar Trucking Corporation
DOT Number: 3152170
Founder & President: N/A
Establishment: 2015
Total Trucks: 1
Tractors Owned: 1
Trailer Owned: 0
Total Drivers: 1
Employees: 11-50
Revenue (USD): N/A
Power Units: 0
Carrier Operation: Interstate
Cargo Carried: Transportation Solutions, LTL/FTL, International Freight, and Domestic Small Package, General Freight
Headquarter Address: 45 N Edward St Sayreville, NJ 08872-1568
Telephone Number: 818-645-6021, 1-801-973-0989
Email: N/A

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