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Being the original less-than-truckload (LTL) service supplier, YRC freight has remained a leader in supply chain management services. By integrating “flexibility” and “reliability” to the supply chain services of its clients, the Company has added full-fledged North American coverage and brought into practice a broad portfolio of advanced and specialized LTL services. Over the years, “quality” has become synonymous with its name as it has kept on adding value to them. As it has spent 9 decades in this field, it has always added to its range of services and introduced “customized plans” to serve the specific needs of its clients.


Services Offering

Standard service – The first category of service is available in the “standard” category. The common services are available in this with competitive pricing and easy availability. The services connect the nation with the rest of the world.

Accelerated Service – When a customer is in need of customized and fast service, YRC has designed such specialized services, fitting with the exact needs of its clients. Such services have speed, economy, and reliability as their basic features.

Time Critical service – When time is an only decisive factor, the Company has introduced time-sensitive services, which are extremely fast and make the cargoes reach only in the nick of time. Such a service always has the support of technology and it is incredibly fast.

Regional Next day service  – In its fast services, the regional next day service is really popular. Such service takes only 24 hours duration and cargo could get delivered the very next day.

Project Cargo Management – In its special category of services, the Company offers delivery of materials at the project site, where any construction is going on. Although the project site is located at an extremely difficult place, the specially trained personnel and containers could take the cargo to the site with ease and convenience.

Specialized Freight Service – The specialized freight services are available as per the specific needs of the clients.  Designed by the special needs of clients, such services are really case sensitive, fast, and safe.

Tracking Rdwy Shipment is Easy

The shipment of rdwy can be track and trace using PRO, BOL, PO, Load or booking number. Online tracking can be done by using rdwy cargo reference number as well.

  1. Enter your “PRO”, “BOL”, “PO”, “Load”, or “Booking” number in the box.
  2. Enter your “reference number” in the text box.
  3. Click on the “find shipment” button next.
  4. You would find the right position of your shipment instantly.

Alternatively, you may call customer care of rdwy at 800-610-6500 and enquire about your cargo or booking shipment status.

Corporate Headquarters Address:

10990 Roe Avenue Overland Park,
KS 66211-1213

Corporate Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 7270 Overland Park
KS 66207-0270

Customer Service:

The RDWY setup its own customer care department to provide prompt support. For any queries related to the new booking for existing shipment, you may call below RDWY contact number:

Phone Number: 800-610-6500
Fax Number: 800-610-6554
Website: http://www.yrcfreight.com/

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