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The foundation stone of Ruan transportation was laid at a very tough and challenging time. As the time of great depression was going on and its founder, Joan Ruan’s, father had just passed away, he started the company after selling his only car. He was just 18 when he decided to enter this venture. Right after 87 years of the inception of his Company in the year 1932, his son and grandson continue to run this family-run business. At present, the family gives maximum importance to technology in running the day-to-day business. Besides this, hard-work, innovation, quality customer service adds to values in its excellent supply chain business.

Main services

Dedicated contract Transportation – Ruan’s dedicated contract transportation gives full-fledged supply-chain solutions, sparing them from the hassles of personally owning and operating a private fleet. The Company could take care of everything as its customers focus on their core competencies. The Company takes all the risks, handles all the labor problems, and does complete management of the equipment.  Ruan delivers these benefits because trucking is one of the best solutions. Its current investment in equipment and technology makes sure that the customer’s goods get shipped in the best possible way.

Managed Transportation – The Company provides excellent third-party solutions for logistics. In the United States, the Company is distinguished for giving mode selection, carrier management, network optimization, certified brokerage services, and more. It works with its clients to get backhaul income, plan and source loads, and haul freight on a load-by-load basis.

Customized warehouse management – If finding a warehouse and logistics provider with the scope and technology to keep the products moving is difficult, Ruan offers dedicated and value-added warehousing services. It gives the best combination of warehouse management systems and seasoned professionals to make the best experience for its customers.

Brokerage services – Ruan has the brokerage capacity to act as a capacity aggregator across its own fleet and the fleet and the fleets and shippers with whom it has partnered. It offers pure brokerage and integrated services brokerage. Pure brokerage is a certified brokerage for transactional engagements, where the Company, where Ruan fulfills in all the available modes. It is a single-source capacity provider. Integrated service brokerage is part of a range of services, used for our clients with dedicated fleets, warehousing services, and contract logistics agreements.

Tracking Ruan Transportation Shipment

Once the goods are sent using Ruan transportation systems then tracking can be done using the reference number. Here are the steps to check your consignment in transit:

  1. Please call 866-782-6669 to talk to customer care.
  2. Mention your reference number or container number.
  3. The customer care executive would give the exact status of your consignment in transit.

Headquarter Address

3200 Ruan Center
666 Grand Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50309

Customer Support

For anything related to the new booking or complaint, you can call the Ruan Transportation customer service using below phone number or drop them an email:

Phone Number: (866)-782-6669
Email id:

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