Simons Trucking, Inc

Simons Trucking is one of the most recognized names in the trucking sector of the US. The Iowa-based organization has been providing commendable trucking services since its inception. The majority of its clients are repeat customers who have been with Simons for a long time. It also keeps adding on new customers as its service standards aim to exceed customer expectations, and not just meeting them.

Simons Trucking


The family-owned Simons Trucking was incorporated in 1946. It was a humble beginning, with just a couple of trucks. These vehicles used to carry primarily agricultural commodities across Iowa and a few neighboring states.

After almost 75 years, Simons Trucking today has a fleet of 110+ tractors and more than 300 trailers. From carrying only agricultural produce, Simons Trucking today is a multi-cargo carrier. It also has the infrastructure to store and carry temperature-sensitive cargo in its latest technology-enabled refrigerated trailers and vans. Simons Trucking’s operations are spread across the length & breadth of the USA and Canada.

Simons Trucking Owner / CEO

Roger Simon was the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Simons Trucking. He had a large role to play in expanding the company’s ambit of operations and making Simons Trucking such a trusted and respected name in the country’s trucking sector. Combining hardcore professionalism with a relaxed workplace, Roger considered his employees as his extended family and took care of them in an according-to manner.


In 2020, the estimated revenue of Simon’s Trucking, Inc was $30.25 million and they have approx 148 employees. The revenue figure is excellent as compare to the total workforce in the company.

Services Provided

Simons Trucking delivers both single-stop and multi-stop shipments to customers of every hue. Besides carrying agricultural cargo – what it started with after inception – the company is also into providing tanker services that carry ethanol, liquid fertilizer, bio-diesel, and similar commodities. Besides cargo carriage, the company also provides warehousing and cross-docking facilities in its 25,000-square feet warehouse that is temperature-controlled, too.

Simons Trucking’s vehicles are state of the art, equipped with the latest driving and safety technologies. They also facilitate easy tracking and tracing, thereby allowing the customers to stay updated and consequently, tension-free about the status of their shipments. Before every trip, each vehicle is meticulously checked to prevent any unforeseen breakdown that would cause delays in delivery. 

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Job Openings at Simons Trucking

Simons Trucking offers excellent working conditions in terms of hours, pay & benefits, and growth opportunities. Every driver here undergoes strict training regularly that continuously upgrades their performance capacities. This adds to the number of accident-free miles that Simons’ drivers notch up. As a driver with Simons, you would get to drive the latest trucks in comfort. Extensive healthcare coverage is made available to you here. You can also refer another driver and win a substantial cash reward.

How to Apply for Jobs in Simons Trucking?

Numerous job openings are available with Simons Trucking now. Visit the company’s website and check out the openings here. Once a position matches your requirements and qualifications, click on “Apply.”

Quick Overview of Simons Trucking

Name Simons Trucking Inc
Address 920 Simon Drive Farley, IA 52046 United States
Industry Transportation & Logistics
Founded 1991
Founder Lyn Simon
Phone No. 1-563-744-3304
Fax No. 1- 563- 744-3726
No of Employees 148
Annual Revenue in 2020 $30.25 million
Top Competitors Steger Transport, Lowell C. Hagen Trucking, Korth Transfer, Art Pape Transfer, Hirschbach Motor Lines

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