Sisu Energy Trucking Company Information

The 100% owner-operator firm Sisu Energy is a dominant player in the country’s trucking segment. It covers the length & breadth of the country, carrying an array of commodities. Run by industry seniors with years of experience, Sisu provides premium quality service to its large number of customers, right from day 1.

Sisu Trucking

The company seeks to create unique and long-lasting solutions for the shippers and consignees. With its vehicles that undergo constant up-gradation & maintenance, Sisu ensures an almost complaint-free delivery. It provides customized solutions, taking optimum care of the cargo. And it doesn’t look at the volume of the shipment while providing service. These qualities endear Sisu even more to its ever-increasing customer base.

Sisu is among the country’s quickest growing pneumatic tank carrier providers and also sand carriers. Texas is where a large part of Sisu’s operations are centered. Sisu provides services to a substantial number of proppant mines, carrying their products all over the country. Excellent carriage technology ensures the rates are competitive that it can offer customers. Sisu also saves a fair amount of fuel, thereby passing on the benefits to its customers and creating more value for the latter.

And it is not just the external customers. Sisu takes very good Acer of its internal customers too – its employees. Be it the truck drivers who are on the road at any given time, or the backend support staff providing robust backup service, everyone working with the company gets handsomely remunerated. Sisu is actively looking out for qualified drivers now.

To conclude, Sisu Energy is among the foremost bulk transportation service providers in the US. Carrying both liquid & dry bulk over the entire US, Sisu provides highly specialized and commendable service to its customers. Satisfied customers and contented employees have become a winning combination, contributing to Sisu’s consistent growth.

Quick Overview of Sisu Trucking:

Legal Name: Sisu Trucking LLC
DOT Number: 2453272
Principal Owner: Jim Grundy
Establishment: 2013
Total Trucks: 1
Tractors Owned: 1
Trailer Owned: 0
Total Drivers: 2
Employees: 5
Revenue (USD): 257,503 (2013)
Power Units: 1
Carrier Operation: Interstate
Cargo Carried: General Freight, Metal Sheet, Lumber, Building Materials, Machinery, Construction
Headquarter Address: 3583 Stone Lake Rd, Cloquet​, MN, 55720-9287, United States
Telephone Number: (218) 269-7003,  (817) 242-6431

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