The Waggoners Trucking

The Waggoners Trucking is a Billings, MT-based transportation company. They have nearly 1,000 employees, with annual revenue of $153 million in 2020.  Discover about The Waggoners Trucking owner, job opening, and other information. The ISO 9002-compliant Waggoners Trucking is a prominent player in the trucking sector of the US. With robust business practices based on a platform of optimum customer service experience, the company scores high on the popularity charts among its large number of customers.

Waggoners Trucking

Waggoners lay the highest stress on owning the latest technology-enabled vehicles and employing the most qualified drivers. The drivers also undergo extensive and rigorous training on a regular basis to stay updated on the best practices in their field, and also to be able to provide the best service.


Almost seven decades ago, Waggoners Trucking started its journey with a single truck at its disposal. The means were limited, but the zeal to grow was unlimited. With hard work, smart business planning, and unwavering dedication towards ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, Waggoners was on its way to becoming among the most reputed trucking service providers in the region.

Owner / CEO

The company is headed by its president, David Waggoner, among the most respected names in the US trucking industry. A graduate from the Montana State University – Bozeman, Mr. Waggoner has been involved with the trucking industry for a considerable part of his professional career.

Freely approachable by any and every employee, David treats the staff of the company as his family. The safety and growth prospects of the staff members are of paramount importance to him, and he’s always working to further enhance the joy of the staff members working with the company.

Services Provided

Waggoners Trucking ensures that only the best quality vehicles should ply under its banner. This ensures that the customers get the best service – and that too, at the most competitive rates. The company provides services to customers spread across the length and breadth of the US and Canada. Waggoners primarily operate in the area of:

  • Automobile carriage,
  • Van services, and
  • Light truck transportation services.

It also carries various other types of cargo.

Job Opening at Waggoners Trucking

When you are looking for a job as a driver with a trucking company, you would surely be gunning for the company that provides:

  • A most cordial and family atmosphere
  • A stable job with generous pay packages
  • Get good enough time  to spend at home after working hours
  • Strong growth prospects
  • Chance to drive the latest design trucks

Well, Waggoners Trucking will give you these benefits – and more! And you will be joining 80+ drivers who enjoy these perks while working for Waggoners Trucking. You can also apply for backend and operational jobs.

  • Driver’s Salary from $50,000 to 1,00,000 per year
  • Health Insurance like Dental, Prescription Drug, Vision, etc
  • Holiday Pay

Here are the most common vacancies in Waggoners Trucking:

  • Auto Transport Drivers
  • Administrative and Logistics Positions
  • Diesel Mechanic Positions

Interested? Simply call the HR department of Waggoners Trucking at 864-764-1911or simply visit their website and visit the jobs section. Choose the job you would like to go for, and apply for it.

Quick Overview of Waggoners Trucking

Name Waggoners Trucking
Address 5220 Midland Road, Billings, MT 59101
Industry Trucking Transportation Services, Local trucking, Without storage Baggage transfer Drying
Founded 1951
Founder Wayne Waggoner
Phone No. 1-800-999-9097, (406) 248-1919
Fax No. 406-259-6924
No of Employees 1,000
Annual Revenue in 2020 $153.84 million
Top Competitors Millis Transfer, Inc., New England Motor Freight Inc, Con-way Inc., Daily Express, Inc., Powersource Transportation,

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