Top Freight Forwarders in Germany

List of top freight forwarders in Germany: A proficient freight forwarding company is required in this present transportation industry that will be able to satisfy your demands. You need to look for versatile and cost-effective freight forwarders right now. Here, we have enlisted the top 10 freight forwarders in Germany right now.

Freight forwarders in Germany

Cargo Marketing Spedition GmbH

Established in 1997, Cargo Marketing provides a comprehensive range of transportation services via air, road, and sea with in excess of 150 locations across the globe and over 10 local trucking centers. They provide warehouse capacity and customs clearance at every single German airport and port. This company has a reputation for moving your commodities to the right location at the right time. They will find the most effective transport solution after evaluating your cargo requirements.

  • Rating: 4.7/5 out of 26 Google reviews
  • Address: Nordendstraße 14, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany
  • Phone: +49 6105 96020
  • Website:

Skyline Express International GmbH

The objective of this company is to provide its customers with optimum gratification without fail. Skyline Express is known to compete with its rivals in the industry with the help of its energetic and motivated employees that try to achieve the best possible outcomes at all times. Being a well-known logistics company providing ocean and air freight services, the actions of Skyline Express are characterized by speed, fairness, and reliability.

B & H Spedition GmbH & Co. KG Logistics

This particular company provides services that extend beyond transportation tasks and pure logistics. B & H Spedition will manage all the warehousing stuff for you while handling every single formality in the import as well as export business. In fact, this company is providing its services for more than 28 years. Besides providing global transport duties, they also help to make sure that the products of their customers arrive safely at their destination with custom-oriented scheduling plus flexible warehousing.

  • Rating: 4.5/5 out of 77 Google reviews
  • Address: Am bhf 6A, 99880 Fröttstädt, Germany
  • Phone: +49 3622 40280
  • Website:

Nippon Express (Germany) GmbH Frankfurt Branch

The primary intention of this company is to make the world interconnected by means of transportation. Nippon Express provides top-notch solutions for companies by integrating various transportation modes across the globe. It has been more than 8 decades since this company is operating as a provider of logistics. There are more than 740 locations in their international network right now.

  • Rating: 4.4/5 out of 80 Google reviews
  • Address: 575, Flughafen Frankfurt, 60549 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Phone: +49 69 689740
  • Website:

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Being established in the year 1871, this freight forwarding company has turned out to be amongst the leading global logistics providers at present. This company has a reputation for providing sea freight, airfreight, contract, and road plus rail logistics services. It believes in integrity, cooperation, comprehension, and faith.

  • Rating: 4.3/5 out of 144 Google reviews
  • Address: Koperstraße 10, 90451 Nürnberg, Germany
  • Phone: +49 911 64377510
  • Website:

E.L.V.I.S. Part Load System GmbH

While there are a lot of challenges in the present truck transport market, this company helps medium-sized businesses to thrive successfully. E.L.V.I.S is known to develop different types of solutions consistently for their partner companies with lots of passion and marketing skills. Their service portfolio comprises truck transport solutions throughout Europe in the part as well as full load segment, construction materials, and comprehensive business advice as well.

  • Rating: 4.2/5 out of 288 Google reviews
  • Address: Am Elvis Terminal 1, 34593 Knüllwald, Germany
  • Phone: +49 5681 931290
  • Website:

Intertrans GmbH

Intertrans GmbH happens to be an owner-managed and medium-sized company that is operating for the last 6 decades. They are known to help you in transporting your products to every European nation on the planet as well as worldwide. Intertrans provide its customers with top-quality service at competitive rates and conditions.

  • Rating: 4.1/5 out of 141 Google reviews
  • Address: Industriestraße 6, 67240 Bobenheim-Roxheim, Germany
  • Phone: +49 621 57040
  • Website:

Global Forwarding Germany GmbH

This freight forwarding company was founded in the year 2004 and their present team consists of 15 colleagues which will be able to fix almost all the requirements of transportation easily. Global Forwarding is likewise quite flexible due to its compact size which helps to simplify its day-to-day operation. They can boast of having a competent team that will be able to satisfy the requirements of their customers.

  • Rating: 4.0/5 out of 56 Google reviews
  • Address: Müggenburger Str. 26, 20539 Hamburg, Germany
  • Phone: +49 40 78876280
  • Website:

SIS International eSpeditions GmbH

This particular freight forwarding company based in Germany is known to provide logistics and transportation services. They offer sea and air freight, land transport, cargo, automotive, warehousing, commodity, logistics, as well as procurement services. SIS International eSpeditions has the reputation of serving its customers across the globe.

  • Rating: 3.8/5 out of 147 Google reviews
  • Address: Lotzenarbachstraße 1, 57290 Neunkirchen, Germany
  • Phone: +49 2735 7890
  • Website:

Insta Freight GmbH

InstaFreight GmbH is known to win the hearts of its customers by providing simplified solutions to complicated issues. This company makes use of modern technology depending on the ideologies of transparency and reliability. They will find appropriate transports as per your vehicle fleet and thus assist you in maximizing your capacity usage in the long run.

  • Rating: 3.5/5 out of 186 Google reviews
  • Address: Oranienstraße 25, 10999 Berlin, Germany
  • Phone: +49 30 166387500
  • Website:


There are several Freight Forwarder companies in Germany and the above list of service provider will definitely help you to choose from the best one. In case if you know any other such company then do let us know.

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