Top 7 Simple Exercises for Truck Drivers

Trucking is a rewarding career with good pay. However, truck drivers must stay in top physical shape and staying healthy isn’t easy for truckers. They have to stay seated for some 11 hours daily and this comes down hard on their overall health. The effect is more due to insufficient sleep, food, and physical activity.

Simple exercise for Truck Drivers to stay fit

Truck drivers on the road don’t have access to gyms. However, there are some fitness exercises that they can do easily. These exercise options require the minimum storage space and the nominal space to do. Below, we discuss some such good exercises for truck drivers.

TRX Suspension Training

Suspension Training

This exercise draws on body weight to offer exhaustive strength training and cardiovascular workout. The suspension cables are attachable to the base of the person’s right and all stable surfaces. This workout offers truck drivers much flexibility. Truck drivers can enjoy a full-body exercise, train a part of their body, and repeat an exercise fast to sweat.

The Active Trucker App

Active Trucker App

Active Trucker app is ideal for truck drivers making the change from a sedentary to a busy lifestyle. The app has two phases. Starting with phase 1 drivers proceed to phase 2 after they have established a fitness standard and a steady workout routine. The exercises take no more than 16 minutes and thus fit into the busiest of days.

Folding Bicycle

Folding Bicycle

Bike rides work leg muscles, release tension due to being seated for long and build up cardio strength. The best bet is Stationary folding bicycles. They accommodate a maximum of 300 pounds and fit drivers of a maximum height of 6 feet. Folding them out and back up is easy and transportation wheels make folding them easier.


Kettlebell exercise for truck drivers

As a kettlebell takes hardly any space it’s the right companion on an extended drive. Based on their fitness level truckers can commence with a kettlebell weighing some pounds or acquire one of 20 pounds.

Workouts with this tool include swinging the kettlebell for that extra bit of force that drives muscles to the maximum. What is the benefit of doing the swinging motions in tandem with twists, leg exercises, and cardio moves? Burning of fat and building up muscle fast. The Onnit kettlebells are a good choice with shapes of the cranium of beastly animals.


Exercise for Biceps

A piece of equipment that serves several purposes is the dumbbell. The dumbbell lets truck drivers work nearly every muscle. It’s important to get hold of a weight that will wear them out and they can lug around. Drivers who feel the weight light after some days of exercising must repeat an exercise more or switch up the exercise.

Bowflex Select Tech 552 Dumbbells make a great dumbbell set. It has locking mechanisms for users to change their weight to an amount they want.


Rebounder refers to a mini-trampoline. They suit people starting exercising after years as they absorb the effect of jumping and lessen strains on the joints. People can keep jumping up and down for some 20 minutes and get their heart rate up. They can also do strength moves for an entire body exercise. Rebounders being quite small, fit in the passenger part of trucks.


Basketball session

Like swimming, basketball is an entire body sport and is a fun exercise for truck drivers. All that is needed is a ball. Basketball courts are spread across America and are easy to find. Some enjoyable activities with a basketball include fast sprints, Layup drills, and a 3 point contest.


Nothing is more important than health and truck drivers must maintain good health to keep on working. The workouts mentioned above are beneficial for truck drivers and are easy to do on the road.

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