5 Best Towing in Louisville, KY

The 5 best towing in Louisville, KY with their contact number, address and review detail. Traveling within or outside the city can suddenly pose challenging situations. It can be in the form of breakdowns, forgetting your car keys inside the car while you are outside, or any other kinds of vehicle-related problems. Often, we are not capable enough to resolve these problems on our own. We need the services of specially-skilled personnel. And that’s when tow truck service providers step in.

Tow Truck in Louisville, KY

Tow trucks are specially made trucks that are capable of pulling (towing) away a broken-down vehicle from the place of breakdown to the nearest service center/garage. They can tow anything from hatchbacks to large carriers and buses. They take very good care of the vehicles while towing them, so that no further damage is caused.

Types of Towing Trucks

Tow trucks can be of various types like:

  • Flatbed,
  • Hook & chain,
  • Wheel lift,
  • Integrated,
  • Boom,
  • Oversized towing, etc.

Each has its own method of rescuing & towing away the stranded vehicle. Depending on where your vehicle has been stranded, the appropriate tow truck will be put to action. But there is one thing common across all the types – and that is, they all do a very professional & responsible job of rescuing your stuck vehicle without causing any additional problems to the car.

Few Notes About Louisville

Louisville is the home of the global food giant KFC, among others. Many Fortune 500 companies operate out of the city. The freight mover MNC UPS’s global hub is also located here. Shipping & cargo, manufacturing, food &alcoholic beverages, and tourism are some of the major industries of the city. They generate substantial revenue and employment. Many people from adjoining locations also travel to Louisville for work.

There is a lot of vehicular movement across the state, both commercial & personal. Hence, breakdowns are not infrequent, thus necessitating the services of tow truck firms. A large number of such firms operate out of Louisville.

Top 5 Tow Truck Service Provider in Louisville, KY

Here is the list of manually picked Towing Companies in Louisville, KY whose services are cheap, available 24 hours a day and yet professional:

AJ’s Towing Service

Among the most popular of Louisville’s tow truck firms, AJ’s is at the forefront of providing services in case of vehicle breakdowns, shutouts, flat tires, etc. It has a range of tow trucks in its garage and all in top condition. They also provide attractive rates, especially to first-time callers. AJ’s serves a large area across Kentucky and adjoining locations.

Rating: 4.6/5 out of 153 Google reviews
Phone Number: +1 502-322-6924

Express Towing 24

With an experience of many years behind it, Express Towing 24 is among the top-rated towing service providers of Louisville. Manned by experienced and highly competent staff, Express provides prompt & reliable towing services, basing its activities on honesty & ethics. It provides 24×7 towing, roadside assistance, gasoline delivery, car storage, and related services to vehicle owners in and around Louisville.

Rating: 4.3/5 out of 61 Google reviews
Phone Number: +1 502-442-6333

Suburban Towing

In service for more than 5 decades. The state’s largest towing service provider. Just two of the many reasons to choose Suburban Towing for any & every towing & related service that your vehicle might need. With a wealth of experience to guide it, Suburban’s staff members provide commendable services in the domains of heavy & light duty towing, specialized towing, load shifts, emergency equipment support, and equipment transportation.

Rating: 4.1/5 out of 233 Google reviews
Phone Number: +1 502-964-6500

Mosby’s Towing & Transport LLC

Consistency & reliability are the guiding principles of Mosby’s Towing & Transport. Armed with these values, the company does a commendable job of rescuing stranded vehicles in and around Louisville. Braving every type of inclement weather & unfriendly terrain, Mosby’s staff members bring with them top quality service in the areas of roadside assistance, towing & recovery, and equipment hauling. Their vehicles are maintained to the best of their performance capacity, so that efficiency is not compromised with.

Rating: 3.5/5 out of 261 Google reviews
Phone Number: +1 502-447-1234

Rescue Rangers Towing & Roadside Services

True to their name, these “rangers” come to the rescue of stuck & stranded vehicles. No matter how hostile the terrain or weather is, trust Rescue Rangers to arrive at the spot with their excellently-maintained tow trucks, manned by the most experienced and amiable staff. Be it a large truck/bus or a two-wheeler, Rescue Rangers will do a neat job of towing the vehicle successfully. Other services provided by them include lockout rescue, tire & battery change, extraction, and fuel delivery, among others.

Rating: 4.5/5 out of 173 Google reviews
Phone Number: +1 502-708-1600

Quick Overview of  5 Best tow truck Louisville, KY

Sl. No. Company Name & Address Website
1 AJ’s Towing Service

Address: 6708 Shepherdsville Rd #3, Louisville, KY 40228, United States

2 Express Towing 24

Address: 4914 Poplar Level Rd, Louisville, KY 40219, United States

3 Suburban Towing

Address: 1006 Industrial Blvd, Louisville, KY 40219, United States

4 Mosby’s Towing & Transport LLC

Address: 3119 Dixie Hwy, Louisville, KY 40216, United States

5 Rescue Rangers Towing & Roadside Services

Address: 2026 Old Shepherdsville Rd, Louisville, KY 40218, United States


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