Top Trailer manufacturers in Texas

List of local trailer manufacturer in Texas: It is a fact that the best trailer manufacturers and brands have several things in common. Most of them emphasize customer service and are known to manufacture reliable and top-quality trailers. Here, we have enlisted some of the most well-known trailer manufacturers in Texas this year.

Texas Trailer Manufacturer list

Choice Trailers & Equipment LTD

This company happens to be a family-owned and privately held manufacturer of trailers based in Texas. Choice Trailers & Equipment LTD manufactures customized rugged and durable transportation chassis and low bed trailers for the satisfaction of their customers. It serves lots of specialized industries like construction, military, oilfield, and mining by providing them with heavy-haul solutions both globally as well as domestically.

  • Rating: 5.0/5 out of 10 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 281-395-8000

MAXX-D Trailers

After being launched the year 1999, this trailer manufacturing company has been producing top-quality trailers for helping individuals perform their tasks. Their trailers have been built in Texas and will provide you with lots of hard work without fail. This company has more than 60 committed dealer locations in Canada and the US which will assist you in finding the perfect trailer to match your hauling requirements.

  • Rating: 4.8/5 out of 311 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 903-784-8059

Lamar Trailers

Lamar Trailers always guarantees you of the fact that you will receive the appropriate trailer that will be of the highest quality. This is because the company is aware of the fact that customers can become extremely frustrated when they have to make unending repairs on trailers. They have a reputation for manufacturing extremely durable trailers that will serve their customers for quite some time. Lamar Trailers provides trailers to over 10,000 customers every year with over 100 dealers in Canada and the US.

  • Rating: 4.8/5 out of 630 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 903-782-9333

Performance Trailers

This company which was established by Kevin Gerhardt in the year 1991 has turned out to be a premier company when it comes to the construction and design of custom trailers. These are used to carry virtually everything including racing cars at present. Performance Trailers has a reputation for designing trailers for some well-known companies like General Motors, Toyota, and Ford Motor Co.

  • Rating: 4.7/5 out of 10 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 888-367-8757

KEARNEY Trailers, LLC. – Emory

This trailer manufacturing company provides an extensive range of trailers that will satisfy the requirements of their customers ranging from professional vehicle transporter to weekend trail riders. KEARNEY Trailers is known to manufacture and sell stock trailers, horse trailers, flatbed trailers, dump trailers, utility trailers, car hauler trailers, etc.

  • Rating: 4.6/5 out of 53 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 903-473-3405

PJ Trailers

This company, established in the year 1991, is deemed to be one of the best manufacturers of trailers in North America. PJ Trailers has the distinction of manufacturing Deckovers, Flatdecks, Carhaulers, Tilts, Dumps, as well as Utilities. This company will assure you of producing remarkable and top-quality trailers without fail. Also learn how to lock a trailer using this simple method.

  • Rating: 4.4/5 out of 296 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 903-785-6879

Load Trail

In case you want to join a family-owned business then this company will be the appropriate one for you. They are known to produce different types of trailers such as Deckover Trailers, Car & Equip. Haulers, Dump Trailers, Tank Trailers, Tilt-deck Trailers, as well as Landscape & Utility. Load Trail started its production in the year 1996 and its facilities have developed to include in excess of 500 employees, 100 acres, and 3 locations covering 500,000 ft.².

  • Rating: 4.4/5 out of 253 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 903-783-3900

Gooseneck Trailer Mfg.

This company happens to be a pioneer when it comes to the truck bed industry and livestock trailers. Gooseneck Trailer Mfg. was founded in the year 1962 and has been able to satisfy the expectations of its client’s thanks to its top-quality products. Besides being quite cost-effective, the truck beds and trailers manufactured by this company are also quite durable and stable.

  • Rating: 4.4/5 out of 22 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 979-778-0034

Top Hat Industries Inc

Top Hat Industries Inc is known to provide top-quality brands in terms of trailers for sale as well as components of the trailers for sale. This company will be appropriate for you in case you are searching for a gooseneck equipment trailer on the market. These trailers are of high quality as well as affordable and the company is based in Texas.

  • Rating: 4.2/5 out of 30 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 903-897-2813

McClain Trailers, Inc

This one happens to be a family-operated company established in the year 1955. The business operated by McClain Trailers, Inc is based on certain principles such as customer service, resourcefulness, as well as quality. They manufacture a comprehensive line of galvanized or aluminum boats, utility trailers, and cargo trailers.

  • Rating: 4.2/5 out of 22 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 713-675-2761

Ranch King Trailers

Ranch King Trailers is reputed for manufacturing trailers since 1972 in Belleville, Texas. This company is known for its remarkable customer service and quality craftsmanship. They will likewise provide the most effective warranty coverage having partnered with well-known companies such as LIONSHEAD TIRE, DEXTER AXLE, and SHERWIN WILLIAMS. There is no doubt that anything from the dual tandem to the single axle is built to last if it has been produced by Ranch King.

  • Rating: 4.2/5 out of 16 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 979-865-5467

Cen Tex Trailers Ltd

Cen Tex Trailers Ltd is reputed for manufacturing various types of affordable trailers such as utility trailers, landscape trailers, car haulers, trash trailers, and gooseneck trailers. The good thing is that this company is known to manufacture customized trailers while making use of top-quality components.

  • Rating: 4.0/5 out of 10 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 254-582-3843

East Texas Trailers

This company is situated in Texas very close to Honey Grove and happens to be a family-owned business that has a reputation for manufacturing trailers. Being established in the year 2009, East Texas Trailers produces different types of trailer models such as dump trailers, equipment haulers, welding trailers, car haulers, tank trailers, utility trailers, heavy duty deck overs, tilt decks, pipe trailers, trash trailers, and so forth. All these trailers are known for their superb manufacturing quality.

  • Rating: 3.4/5 out of 16 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 903-378-3303

Big Tex Trailers

This one is considered to be the fastest developing and biggest top-quality open trailer manufacturer based in Texas. Big Tex Trailers has been providing its services for more than 3 decades and offers lots of value to its customers. This company has got its assembly and manufacturing facilities in Oklahoma, Idaho, Georgia, and Texas.

  • Rating: 3.0/5 out of 10 Google reviews
  • Phone: +1 903-873-3170

Quick Overview of Trailer manufacturers in Texas

Sl. No. Company Name Address Website
1 Choice Trailers & Equipment LTD Address: 25825 FM 529 Road, Katy, TX 77493, United States
2 MAXX-D Trailers Address: 7075 FM 38 N, Brookston, TX 75421, United States
3 Lamar Trailers Address: 7271 FM 38 N, Sumner, TX 75486, United States
4 Performance Trailers Address: 201 Robert Nance Rd, Mt Pleasant, TX 75455, United States
5 KEARNEY Trailers, LLC. – Emory Address: 1035 S. State Highway 19, Emory, TX 75440, United States
6 PJ Trailers Address: 1807 Farm to Market 2352, Sumner, TX 75486, United States
7 Load Trail Address: 220, FM2216, Sumner, TX 75486, United States
8 Gooseneck Trailer Mfg. Address: 4400 E State Hwy 21, Bryan, TX 77808, United States
9 Top Hat Industries Inc Address: TX-338, Naples, TX 75568, United States
10 McClain Trailers, Inc Address: 7203 Cowart St, Houston, TX 77020, United States
11 Ranch King Trailers Address: 1005 S Front St, Bellville, TX 77418, United States
12 Cen Tex Trailers Ltd Address: 5775 E State Hwy 22, Hillsboro, TX 76645, United States
13 East Texas Trailers Address:17177 US-82, Petty, TX 75470, United States
14 Big Tex Trailers Address:20975 US-80, Wills Point, TX 75169, United States

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