Truck Driving Schools in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Hattiesburg is the best place for truck driving training programs. If you are looking for an institution of truck driving training, then, you will find several schools in this place. By taking the training from Hattiesburg you will be able to obtain your commercial truck driving license and can start your career as a professional truck driver.

Truck Driving School in Hattiesburg MS

You might be interested in becoming a flatbed truck driver, dry van hauler, tanker driver, refrigerated freight driver or wish to become the owner of your own business. For this, all the truck driving schools in Hattiesburg will help you achieve the proper truck driving lessons in some weeks.

Classroom includes

Almost every truck driving schools generally give the same training, and the institution in Hattiesburg is no exception. As a student, you will learn these following things in the truck driving classroom.

  • Important driving skills
  • Map reading
  • Trip planning
  • The protocol of logbook
  • Avail the exact post and re trip inspections
  • Learn about individual components of truck and basic mechanical systems
  • Federal rules and regulations on truck driving
  • Also the local and state rules and laws on commercial truck driving

Truck Training for skills

When you are training, you will be taught how to handle a full-sized rig. There are also other things you will learn and they are,

  • Docking of the trailer
  • Climbing in and out of the truck
  • Coupling and uncoupling of the trailer
  • Turning the truck trailer
  • The backing of the trailer
  • Inspection of the truck and the trailer
  • Round driving experiences
  • Shifting, clutching, braking and accelerating the gears

There are few schools in the Hattiesburg area, who use computerized method to train the students. However, the real tractor and trailer use are the best and this is followed by most of the truck driving schools.

Truck Driving Training on the roads

In the last part, the trainer teaches the student the ways to operate trucks and trailers on the road. Once the instructor thinks you are ready, he or she will let you handle the steering wheel, and will observe the following things while you are driving,

  • Driving the truck and trailer in moderate to heavy tracks
  • Driving the truck and trailer on the downgrades and inclines
  • Driving the truck and trailer during the night time
  • Driving the truck and trailer without a load
  • Driving the truck and trailer fully loaded
  • Driving the truck and trailer on rural roads
  • Driving the truck and trailer on city streets
  • Driving the truck and trailer on highways
  • Driving the truck and trailer in light tracks

Once the driving hours are completed, you will have to start preparing for the CDL training test, and here you will get guidance from classroom trainers.

Financing options in Hattiesburg truck driving programs

The trucking institution in Hattiesburg will help you in the financing part. They will provide a solution for the tuition cost, by giving you options of federal, and private loans. Also, sometimes the government pays a grant because the truck driving programs are very affordable.

Top Truck Driving School in Hattiesburg

Make sure to check the truck driving schools in Hattiesburg, and measure their benefits. After that, you can enroll in school.

Lowery A. Woodall Advanced Technology Center

Rating: 5.0/5 out of 3 Google reviews
906 Sullivan Dr, Hattiesburg,
MS 39401
Phone: +1-601-554-4646

Ace Training CenterAce Training Center

Rating: 5.0/5 out of 11 Google reviews
6022 I-55 South Frontage Rd,
Byram, MS 39272,
Phone: +1 601-502-0730

Truck Driver Institute

Rating: 4.7/2 out of 38 Google reviews
20214 US 49, Saucier,
MS 39574
Phone: +1 800-848-7364

CRW Truck Driver Training School

Rating: 4.6/5 out of 29 Google reviews
1850 S West St, Jackson
MS 39201
Phone: +1 601-968-8023

WATERS International Trucks, Inc.

Rating: 4.5/5 out of 48 Google reviews
80 S&K Dr, Hattiesburg,
MS 39402
Phone: +1 601-544-7401

If you are aware of any other truck driving schools located in Hattiesburg then please let me know by leaving your comment below, we will list it here.

There are other schools:

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